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Our Waterproof Liner Protects
Your Memory Foam Dog Bed

Our dog bed liner protects the memory foam from liquids, stains, and odors

Combining memory foam with a waterproof, yet breathable, fabric liner is an exclusive process unique to Buddy Beds. No one else takes this expensive step! It is our exclusive patented process.
image of orthopedic memory foam and supporting foam image of memory foam being placed into the protective liner of dog bed image of protective liner sewn around dog be memory foam and dog bed supporting foam image of the final step - washable dog bed cover placed around memory foam in the protective liner

2 inches of 5lb or 4lb. memory foam rests upon support foam. (prevents "bottoming out" on the floor which creates a painful pressure point!)

Enclosing memory foam in waterproof, yet breathable, fabric liner

Liner totally encloses orthopedic memory foam

Washable outer cover added

Technology has introduced numerous high performance fabrics that are waterproof, breathable, and flexible -- often used in performance outwear or tents. Our unique fabric liner protects the tempurpedic memory foam from:
  • liquids,

  • stains,

  • and odors.
Memory foam is clearly a more expensive foam, but like all foams, it's porous and will absorb liquids. We use our waterproof liner to protect your dog beds memory foam so it will have a longer life. No other pet bed manufacturer takes this important step. It is our exclusive patented process!

Yet it is important that the liner 'breathe' -- this maintains cushion loft for your dogs's comfort.

happy dog on memory foam dog bed Due to the liner, Buddy Beds Dog Beds are:
  • anti-bacterial,

  • anti-microbial,

  • anti-static,

  • anti-dust mite, and

  • hypoallergenic.
We know that you are investing in an expensive pet bed and we want it to last. This bed is different, and better. . .and yes, worth the price. Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Buddy Beds Dog Beds strives to construct the premier quality pet bed on the market - not the cheapest!

That is why Buddy Beds Dog Beds are the ultimate orthopedic dog beds.

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