Pet Subjects: Can dogs detect arthritis in humans? Exposure to Arthritis Cream is Fatal to Cats

Experts: Exposure to arthritis cream is fatal to catsExperts say it is more common for dogs to fall ill after ingesting NSAIDs. Dogs will eat candy-coated ibuprofen (Advil) and naproxen (Aleve) and
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Top Dog Supplement Provides Joint Relief for Arthritic Dogs During Cold WeatherAmong the products that have been lauded for helping to relieve arthritic pain during cold weather situations is Top Dog Nutraceuticals’ new hip and
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Pet Subjects: Can dogs detect arthritis in humans?Coincidentally this had been sore for about 10 days, due to arthritis. A: Dogs are sensitive to physiological facts that are not obvious to humans, such
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Stem cell therapy for dogs draws some supportMuch of his practice is in orthopedics — typically, dogs with hip dysplasia or arthritis. He tried using stem cell therapy with his patients in 2008 but
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Dog Gone Problems: Why is my dog having accidents in the house after going outside?



I am having a big problem with my six-month-old cocker spaniel/part teddy bear.

When she first gets up, we take her outside to go potty. We stand outside and we keep on telling her to go potty. She will go both number one and number two, but about 15 to 20 minutes after she is inside, she will poop in the house.

We could have her outside for six hours, but she comes in and goes in the house.

Please help us,
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Best Pop-up Book Ever

download (1)

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Met Newman the Echindna Puggle at the Taronga Zoo

How cute is Newman!!!

thanks to Katie D. for sending this along

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Rattlesnake dos and don’ts for dog safety

Rattlesnake dos and don’ts for dog safetyAs San Diegans are beginning to see rattlesnakes on hiking trails and in their yards, your Rancho Coastal Humane Society is reminding dog owners
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Group Says its Training Videos Could Cut Down on Dogs Getting Shot By CopsSo what can a pet-owner do to maximize their dog’s safety in the event of an unannounced visit from a police officer? “The safest thing tha pet
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Before you let somebody muzzle your dog, here are some important things to knowToday, WKMG posted a story about a local doggy daycare/boarding facility that was using nylon muzzles to keep dogs from barking while in its care.
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Pet Talk: Leash laws exist to protect people and pets“People are responsible for their dog’s safety – dogs really rely on them to do that,” he says. “If you live in a pretty busy place like Portland, the dangers
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16 Ways Dogs Add So Much More To Your Life Than Just Being A Pet

For National Pet Day, I’m writing about how my dog, Marshall, is the most incredible, hilarious little creature in my life.

I’m forever grateful for him; he’s the only person who knows what I really do when I’m home alone, and he will never say anything.


Here are 16 other reasons why dogs are truly man’s most awesome and hilarious bro:

1. When your dog farts and gets scared because he’s unsure what the sound was.

Then he smells his butt and gives you a weird look saying, “It must have been you. That sound and smell can’t possibly be related.”

Read more of this funny article . .

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Dog lovers in China got together recently to take part in a mass dog wedding.

Dog lovers in China got together recently to take part in a mass dog wedding.




It took place in a lovely park in Beijing and featured 42 dogs getting hitched.  It’s billed as China’s first ever mass dog wedding, and the turnout was rather huge.  Here are some great photos of the event featuring the happy couples, and their humans.  Don’t worry though, if the newly weds decide they just can’t make it work, there’s always doggy divorce…

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Dog Behaviors – Bark Collars Don’t Address Dog’s Issues and Why Do Dogs Eat Stools?

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Owners’ Manual: Bark collars don’t address dogs’ issuesTypically dog training involves commands, edicts where owners tell the dog what to do. A slicker option is to teach the dog to become quiet when they
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Kabbel: Why do dogs eat stools?While most cases of coprophagia appear to be purely behavioral, there are indeed numerous medical problems that can cause or contribute to
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Shelter Puts Dogs In A Photobooth To Get Them Adopted And The Results Are All That!


Guinnevere Shuster is the mastermind photographer behind this awesome photo shooting and we can only wish that more creative initiatives will find a way to help our little furry friends.





This photobooth shooting was a real success and we are happy to say that all the dogs you see before you have already been adopted!adopted-dog-teton-pitbull-humane-society-utah-19-e1428311992983















See more hysterical photos:

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Meet AKC Therapy Dog Distinguished – Beck

Meet AKC Therapy Dog Distinguished – BeckBeck has earned the AKC Therapy Dog – Distinguished title for making more than 400 visits to help others!

sheep dog

He also has done AKC dog safety presentations, attended camps for Girl Scouts and been at special meetings for autistic children, as just a small
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