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    Why does your dog try to climb

    in bed with you?

    Because you have a better mattress!


    We know that a good nights sleep is key...
    We buy the best mattress we can afford for ourselves...

    Why should your dog be any different?



    Your Buddy deserves the highest quality

    Memory Foam Dog Bed

    Buddy Beds® Orthopedic Dog Beds are made of the finest memory foam - eliminating painful pressure points. Read more >

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    Experts in Healthy Comfort


    Vet Recommended
    Relief from:

    Hip Dysplasia


    Elbow Disease


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The Perfect Bed for Every Dog...

Memory Foam Folding Travel Beds

SUV and CAR Beds
Memory Foam
Folding Travel Bed

Non-Toxic Memory Foam

$199 - $249

Large Travel Bed Normally $249 Now $89!!
Medium Travel Bed Normally $199 Now $79!!

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Memory Foam Crate Pads

Eco-Friendly Gel Memory Foam Bolster Beds

Non-Toxic Memory Foam

100% Organic Cotton
$229 - $289

Gel Memory Foam Dog Beds

Gel Memory Foam Beds

Non-Toxic Memory Foam - Made in USA

$269 - $289

Crypton Covers for Memory Foam Beds

Crypton Covers for Memory Foam Beds

Non-Toxic Memory Foam - Made in USA

$239 -$329

Memory Foam Dog Beds

Memory Foam Dog Beds

Non-Toxic Memory Foam - Made in USA

$199 - $399

Coupon Sale-Save $20

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Memory Foam Bolster Dog Beds

Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed

Non-Toxic Memory Foam - Made in USA

Coupon Sale-Save $30

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Camo Memory Foam Dog Beds

Camo Memory Foam Beds and Crate Pads

Non-Toxic Memory Foam - Made in USA

$169 - $199

Memory Foam Crate Pads

Memory Foam Crate Pads

Non-Toxic Memory Foam

$119 - $159

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Waterproof Protectors for Dog Beds

Piddle Toppers
$49 - $69

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Dog Bed Protector - Waterproof Dog Bed Liner

Dog Bed Protector
$49 -$69

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For the Health of Your Dog

A good supportive dog bed helps the joints to age well. If you slept 12 hours a day -- you would want the best bed too. A good dog bed is the one of the most important purchases you will make for your dog!

Buddy Beds ® are perfect for dogs with injuries, disabilities, cancer, terminal illness, arthritis, paralysis, or other health problems. The comfortable memory foam eliminates pressure points.

Memory Foam Dog Beds

Your best friend knows when his/her dog bed:

  • supports their backs and joints
  • insulates them from drafty floors
  • give a feeling of warmth and security
  • and most of all takes away the pain!!
Read more on the Health of your Dog >
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"Best Pet Bed"

Buddy Beds in the News

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"Buddy Beds are the Rolls-Royces of the Pet-Bed Market."

Buddy Beds are the dog beds for those who would do anything for the comfort of their dogs. Buddy Beds are ideal for older dogs - it breaks our hearts to watch them suffer from old age, canine arthritis, hip dysplasia, stiff joints and sore muscles. It is absolutely amazing to see the relief Buddy Beds Dog Beds provide for our beloved dogs!
  • Memory Foam provides comfort and support for your beloved Buddy
  • Relief from pressure points that stress muscles, joints and canine arthritis
  • Excellent for dogs with painful hip displasia
  • Waterproof liner sewn permanently around memory foam to cover and protect
  • Comfortable, easily removed, washable outer fabric covers
  • Guaranteed
  • The ultimate orthopedic dog bed!
Buddy Beds has been awarded the Animal Wellness Seal of Approval.
The Critics Love Us!
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