5 Tips on Improving Your Senior Dog's Quality of Life

Caring for Senior Dogs



Responsible dog owners will do everything we can to make sure our best friend is well cared for and as happy as possible. As dogs age, they can develop a lot of the same medical issues that humans do. It's very important to watch your dog for any changes in behavior as they age. This could be arthritis, hip dysplasia, hearing loss, blindness and dementia are just a few of the possible medical problems your dog might face.



Senior Here are a few tips about caring for you senior dog:




Know when old age is for your breed:

Dogs age differently depending on the breed


The rule of thumb that 1 year equals 7 dog years is ok as a general rule, but not totally accurate. For example, larger breeds (i.e. Great Danes) tend to age a little quicker and are considered senior about 6-7 years old. Small breeds such as poodles tend to age a little slower and are not considered senior until their teen years. You can use this dog age calculator to figure out when your dog will become a senior. This is very important to know so you can begin to watch for signs of old age.



Know what to expect during the senior years:

Now that you know when you particular breed will be considered a senior dog, it's important to know what to expect and look for. One of the first things that might happen is that your dog simply begins to slow down a little. He cannot run quite a quickly after the ball. Jumping might be a little painful and he might stop it all together. He might begin to lose his hearing could possibly lose his sight. As you recognized these and other symptoms of old age, it's important to deal with each one. You can see a list of some of the medical issues that your dog might develop at senior dog health



Visit the Vet:

As soon as you begin to see some of the signs of old age, its time for a visit to the vet. The vet can advise you on what you can do to make your dog more comfortable. He can also offer advice about specific vitamins for older dogs, give information about changes in food and just give your pet a through physical exam.



Don't expect too much:

As your pet begins to slow down, it's important not to expect quite as much as you have in the past. Those 5 mile runs you used to take might have to be just 1 mile now. That hike in the mountains might have to be skipped this year. Just as you would your grandparents, its time to realize the Fido cannot do the things he used to, even if he wants to. He can of course do some things still; they just might have to be done a little slower.



Memory Foam Dog Beds -Make your pet as comfortable as possible

As your pet ages and develops some aches and pains, it is imperative that you make him as comfortable as possible. Older dogs that have some hearing loss might get startled easily and be afraid of getting hurt. It's important to limit distractions and maybe move their bed to a quieter location. A comfortable memory foam dog bed is a very important step in making an old dog more comfortable. If they have been sleeping on the floor (shame on you) it's time to get a dog bed. The best dog bed for older dogs is the memory foam orthopedic dog beds. These types of dog beds offer the best support for those arthritic joints and makes sleeping as comfortable as possible. If your dog has problems with his vision, make sure there is nothing that can injure him accidentally and try not to move things too much.




We know that if we choose to bless our life with a dog that all these health issues will most likely be in the future. Some dogs of course have a worse time with old age than others, and some get older faster. If you have a large breed, there is a better chance you will have hip issues. The most important thing to do is to monitor your pet very carefully. Note any changes in his behavior or demeanor. Keep watch for any sores that might appear, if his coat changes at all and basically any thing different than you have been watching all these years. You just have to accept that your pet is aging and will not be able to do all the things he used to. He might have to stay home on those runs and bike rides that he used to love. You have been blessed by their life, and they have been blessed by yours. All you can do during this time of their life is to make sure they are as happy, healthy and comfortable as possible.