5 Important Tips When Purchasing A Memory Foam Bed

Memory Foam Dog Beds. As a dog ages, their bodies begin to change just like humans.



Owning a pet is a one of life's greatest pleasures. They become part of your family and you do everything you can for them. But, they do come with a lot of responsibility. As a dog ages, their bodies begin to change just like humans. They develop arthritis, hip problems and other assorted aches and pains. In your case, you have noticed your pet moving a little slower lately. We will call your pet Fido, just because it's such a fun name. Well, Fido just turned 9 (52 in human years) and he just does not have the same spring in his step as he used to. He takes a little longer to get going in the morning, and brings back the ball just a little slower. He is also not sleeping as well as he used to at the foot of your bed. He gets up and paces during the night, and you can hear him tossing and turning.



All The first thing to do is to take Fido to the vet to see what is really wrong. The vet tells you that your beloved Fido is beginning to show signs of arthritis. He also tells you that one of the best things you can do to make him more comfortable is to get a good dog bed, a memory foam dog bed. Since Fido is a loyal and loved part of the family that is exactly what you decide to do.



When you first begin the search for a good memory foam dog bed it can be very overwhelming. There are dozens, if not hundreds of websites offering memory foam dog beds, and of course they all say theirs is the best.



There are a number of thing to look for when purchasing a memory foam dog bed:



1. Non-Toxic Memory Foam Dog Bed


It is crucial for Fido's health that the dog bed not gives off any odors. The memory foam dog beds must be of the highest quality to ensure that they do not contain harmful chemicals and do not "offgas" any harmful gases. For more information, please check https://www.buddybeds.com/. There you will find some important information about the toxicity of Fido's dog bed.



2. Memory Foam Dog Bed Density


Another very important aspect of the dog bed, is the density of the memory foam. The density is measured in pounds. For example, lesser quality memory foam is used in a lot of the cheaper dog beds, which is why they can keep the costs lower. 4 lb. foam is primarily used in the "human" bed toppers. Finally, the 5 lb. foam is the best on the market and offers the best support for Fido's aging, but lovable body.




3. The Memory Foam Dog Bed Cover


One of the best things about a good quality dog bed, is the ability to remove the dog bed cover and wash it. If your dog sheds, which most seem to do, keeping the hair as central as you can is a huge benefit. The memory foam dog beds are so comfortable it will be Fido's spot of choice when lounging around watching Lassie re-runs.


The ease of which the cover can be removed is a big part of a high quality dog bed.


It's best to look for dog beds with an extra long zipper which makes removing and replacing the cover very easy



4. A Trusted Manufacturer of Memory Foam Dog Beds


Choosing a bed for Fido is just like choosing a bed for yourself. You would not purchase a bed, at Joe's High Quality Beds and Machine Shop. You would look for a trusted manufacturer, with excellent customer service and a great track record. It is best to look for a dog bed manufacturer that only deals with dog beds, and not a multitude of other dog products. That is one way you can be assured that they know what they are doing.



5. A Waterproof Liner for the Dog Bed


Another very important aspect of the dog bed is the liner. As a dog ages, they can have at times, little bladder problems. Also, if your dog develops any kinds of health issues, the liner is a crucial part of the dpog bed, as you would not want anything to soak into the foam itself. Some dog beds on the market do not come with liners and some come with pads for the top. It is best to find a supplier where the dog bed liner is an integral part of the dog bed.



Choosing a memory foam dog bed for Fido is a big responsibility, it has to have good support, be big enough for Fido and have all the qualities listed above. One of the main differences in selecting a bed for a dog, is you can't take the dog with you and let him lie on each one to test it. He trusts you to make the right choice and get the dog bed that will work best and offer the best rest and comfort. Again, there are a lot of choices on the market so choose wisely. For dog beds that do have all the qualities we have discussed, check www.buddybeds.com.