5 Tips for Buying Orthopedic Dog Beds

5 Tips to Consider When Buying an Orthopedic Dog Bed



As many dogs get older, they start to deal with a variety of ailments, many of which relate directly to their bones and joints (such as arthritis). As a concerned owner of a dog that is dealing with some of these problems, you may be considering buying an orthopedic bed for your dog. If you are, there are several things you should know when shopping for an orthopedic dog bed.

Dog sleeping on orthopedic memory foam dog bed



First, you should find out if the bed contains memory foam. This is perhaps the most important aspect of an orthopedic dog bed, because you should consider memory foam an essential component of a good orthopedic dog bed. Memory foam was originally developed by NASA as a way of to solve problems related to the safety of airline cushions. Over time, memory foam made its way into the general American marketplace in the form of memory foam mattresses and memory foam mattress toppers.



More recently, memory foam has been used successfully for orthopedic purposes in dog beds. There are several reasons why memory foam works so successfully for orthopedic purposes for dogs suffering from bone or joint problems. Memory foam conforms to the position that your dog lies in when sleeping, which eliminates pressure points on his or her bones and joints, leading to a much more comfortable sleeping experience. Memory foam also can adjust to your dog's body temperature and keep him or her at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. The memory foam can achieve this due to its unique open-cell technology that allows air to pass between individual cells of the memory foam mattress in the dog bed.



Once you have narrowed your search down to beds that contain memory foam, you should then focus on the reputation of the company who makes the best memory foam orthopedic dog beds. There are several questions you should ask about the dog beds and the dog bed company in question:



  1. What is their reputation among the people who have purchased from beds from them? If the company seems to have earned more negative than positive reviews online, that should be a red flag. While online reviews aren't always trustworthy, you should be able to form at least a partial picture of the company's reputation by seeing what online reviewers have to say about the company's dog beds, the company's reliability, the quality of their customer service, etc.


  3. Has the company who makes the beds been recognized and/or endorsed by any major publications or news outlets? This is even more important than the information you can find from online reviews, since major publications and news outlets aren't anonymous and have more built-in credibility than reviews on the internet. If the company has been endorsed by any publications or news reports for their quality product and service, this should definitely steer you in their direction.


    Dog sleeping on orthopedic memory foam dog bed
  5. How much will you be able to customize the memory foam bed for your dog if you order it through the company in question? Customization is very important. Dog beds, and especially orthopedic memory foam beds, are certainly not "one size fits all." The type of bed you will need for your dog will depend on your dog's age, weight, size and health status. Make sure that the company has already realized and embraced this principle and makes their beds accordingly. Find out what sizes and shapes of memory foam orthopedic dog beds the company offers.


  7. What materials does the company use when making their beds? Some wholesale dog beds will use materials that can be toxic to dogs, so make sure that the company you choose takes the time to use the highest quality materials when constructing their beds.


  9. The following is a point that many people probably would not initially consider, but it is more important than you might think--make sure that the memory foam mattress cover is easily washable. If the cover gets dirty, it will impact the comfort of your dog when he or she is trying to sleep, so make sure that you can easily remove, wash, dry and replace the memory foam cover.


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Dog sleeping on orthopedic memory foam dog bed