Memory Foam Dog Beds and Your Active Dog

Can a Memory Foam Dog Bed Help Your Active Dog"



Can a memory foam dog bed help your active dog, or are memory foam dog beds only good for arthritic dogs? Of course a memory foam dog bed can help your healthy active dog, and here is why.



Active Dogs Need a Memory Foam Dog Bed 1. What is Memory Foam?



In order to understand how your active dog can benefit from a memory foam dog bed, you need to know what memory foam is. So, what is memory foam? Well, memory foam is a special type of foam that has been designed to react to body heat and body weight. When your dog lies on a dog bed of memory foam the foam will actually shape itself around your dog! That's right, the foam will change so that it contours to your dog's body, and so that it cradles every part of her. Because memory foam is able to shape itself to the exact dimensions of your dog's body, it evenly distributes her weight evenly across her body. When your dog's weight is evenly distributed across her body she cannot develop pressure points.



2. Pressure Points?



What are pressure points? A pressure point is that tingling feeling you get after sitting in a weird position, or the pain you feel after your foot goes to sleep. A pressure point forms when your blood vessels have been compressed long enough to prevent your blood from fully flowing to all parts of your body. Pressure points are what develop when your weight is not evenly spread across your body. So, if you were to sleep on the floor, maybe your hip would be your main point of contact with the floor. Your hip would effectively be bearing most of your body's weight, and it would develop a pressure point. The blood vessels in your hip would compress under your weight, and your heart would have to work harder to get your blood to where it needs to go. If you were to sleep on a memory foam bed however, your hip would bear just as much weight as the rest of your body because the memory foam would distribute your weight to all parts of your body and take the majority of your weight off of your hip.



3. With Good Blood Flow Comes Good Health



If your dog does not develop pressure points while she sleeps, her blood can effectively flow, getting nutrients and oxygen to all parts of her body. If all of your dog's body has all of the nutrients and oxygen it needs, then it can stay healthier for longer. While memory foam dog beds are great for arthritic dogs, they are also great for healthy dogs for just this reason. While there is no evidence to suggest that getting a healthy dog a memory foam dog bed will totally prevent her from developing arthritis or other joint issues when she ages, there is cause to believe that memory foam dog beds will help battle the pain of such diseases, if she starts to develop them.



4. Why?



Let's take arthritis. Arthritis develops when the cartilage of your dog's joints begins to deteriorate. This causes two problems. First is that that cartilage helped facilitate the smooth movement of the joints. In the elbow, for example, there is a piece of cartilage between the lower leg bone and the upper leg bone. The cartilage has no nerves, so when the bones move over it, your dog feels no pain. When that cartilage disappears, however, the bones move over each other, and the bones have nerves, so your dog feels pain. The second thing cartilage does is help in the production of lubrication for the joints. When the cartilage is gone, so is the lubrication. Now, in order to make cartilage and lubrication, your dog's joints need nutrients and oxygen, which they get from the blood. If, over the years, your dog's joints have not been getting the full amount of nutrients and oxygen they need to upkeep the cartilage, that cartilage and lubrication will start to disappear. In order to help your dog's joints stay healthier for longer, those joints need all of the nutrients they can get, and a memory foam dog bed can help this happen.



5. Ease of Cleaning



Let's return to your original question, can a memory foam dog bed benefit your active dog? Well, one other reason why a memory foam dog bed is great for an active dog is that well built memory foam dog beds are very easy to clean. If your dog played in the mud, or lake, or snow, you don't need to worry about her damaging her bed. Buddy Beds memory foam dog beds are made with a built in liner which protects the memory foam from anything your dog can throw at it. Not only that, but some memory foam dog bed manufacturers, like Buddy Beds, even design their beds with removable covers which you can wash in a home washing machine.



Active Dogs Need a Memory Foam Dog Bed