In Dogs - Age is Relative

The Aging Process Differs in Each and Every Dog


Buddy Beds Makes An Orthopedic Dog Bed That Can Help


It breaks our hearts to watch our beloved dogs grow older. Yet there is good news - things are quite different today for older dogs. Lavished with care and attention, most family dogs can expect to live to a ripe old age at the side of their owners.


in dogs age can be relative. Not all dogs age the same Senior dogs, without question, can contribute to their two and four legged packs and very much wish to be included. Sadly, all too often their abilities and desires to preform are underestimated -- and we write them off to the scrap heap.


Dogs of all ages want to be physically challenged as much as possible. Unfortunately it is not always easy for an owner to judge the activities a senior dog is still capable of doing, when we are expecting too much from our canine companions.


The most important thing to remember is - the aging process differs in each and every dog.


A tip to improve the quality of life for our dogs is to always provide a quality supportive dog bed. An orthopedic memory foam dog bed is perfect for senior dogs since just like us humans, dogs can suffer from arthritis, joint issues, and sore muscles. An estimated 10 million dogs in the United States have been diagnosed with arthritis, and 31 percent of dog owners say that bone and joint problems are an issue for their pets. Choosing an memory foam dog bed can help relieve the pain and tenderness.


Don't forget our younger Buddys too, a quality memory foam dog bed provides excellent preventative care. A supportive orthopedic dog bed can assist in the aging process of the joints.


Buddy Beds strives to construct the premier quality dog bed on the market for our senior dogs.



Older dogs age differently - age is relative in dogs



all dogs need a memory foam dog bed