Why All Dogs, Including Healthy Dogs, Can Benefit from a Memory Foam Dog Bed

Why All Dogs, Including Healthy Dogs, Can Benefit From A Memory Foam Dog Bed - Because it is an orthopedic dog bed



It is a myth that only dogs in pain can benefit from a memory foam dog bed. All dogs, including dogs in pain, can benefit from a memory foam dog bed. Why? Well consider the following ideas.



All Dogs Can Benefit from a Memory Foam Dog Bed, an orthopedic dog bed
  1. Your Bed


    A friend of mine recently told me that his bed was, out of everything he owned, the possession with which he spent most of his time. After thinking about this statement, I realized the same could be said about my bed and me. Out of everything I own, I probably spend the most time using my bed. There is no reason why this isn't true for you dog. In fact, your dog probably spends more time in her bed (if she has one) than you do in yours. As a result of this, it makes sense to get your dog a high quality bed.



  3. What is a High Quality Bed?


    The highest quality dog beds are memory foam dog beds. Now, most likely you've heard of memory foam dog beds in the context of dogs with chronic pain. While, as I said, memory foam beds are excellent for such dogs, they can help all dogs.



    To start, let's go over what memory foam is. Memory foam is a special kind of foam that is designed to react to your dog's body heat and body weight. When your dog lies on a memory foam dog bed, that dog bed actually shapes itself to your dog's body. As a result, your dog's weight is evenly spread across her body. This eliminates any pressure points your dog would naturally develop while sleeping. As a result of memory foam's ability to redistribute your dog's weight, a memory foam dog bed allows your dog to sleep pain free.



    Now, obviously a dog bed that is designed to eliminate pain is useful for dogs suffering from pain, but does your young healthy dog really need such a fancy dog bed? After all, dogs don't sleep in beds in the wild, right?



  5. Wrong


    While dogs don't sleep on memory foam beds in the wild, they do sleep on beds. Wolves sleep in dens, and those dens are often lined with grasses. Have you ever seen your dog spin around before lying down? Dogs naturally do this because in the wild that motion helps flatten whatever they are going to lie on. That action creates a temporary dog bed.



    Okay, so dogs sleep on dog beds, but so what? Well imagine if you were to have spent your whole life sleeping on the floor. You can imagine that you would probably develop chronic aches and pains at a younger age than had you slept in a bed your entire life. After all, humans didn't start sleeping on mattresses until we invented them. Just because we can sleep on the ground doesn't mean we should.



    This same idea can be applied to your dog. Just because she can sleep on the floor doesn't mean she should. Your dog healthy dog will benefit from a memory foam dog bed just as much as you would.



  7. Great at Preventing Issues


    ' Memory foam dog beds are great at preventing or helping to prevent joint and muscle issues. Maybe your dog is prone to hip or elbow dysplasia. As a result, your dog favors her right or left side. Because some of her legs are more prone to pain and injury, her other legs are compensating. These compensating legs usually get more use. As a result, these "healthy" legs are at more risk for injury than the legs of a completely healthy dog. This is of great concern to you as an owner, because if your dog injures her "healthy" legs, walking becomes a major challenge. Memory foam dog beds are great at helping all of your dog's legs stay healthy.



    Because memory foam prevents your dog from developing pressure points, memory foam encourages healthy blood flow. Pressure points form when blood vessels are compressed to the point of restricting blood flow. Now if your dog develops no pressure points while sleeping, her blood can get to all parts that need it. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen, two key ingredients in keeping your dog's body and legs healthy. If your dog is prone to any form of dysplasia, meaning that she may or may not develop the disease, getting her a memory foam dog bed can help tip the scales in her favor. While getting your dog a memory foam dog bed cannot guarantee your dog does not develop hip or elbow dysplasia, it can make her body much healthier.



    Imagine if your legs, through out your entire life, never got as much blood as they needed. This would mean they never had enough oxygen or nutrients. You can imagine that they would not be as strong as they are now. The same can be said about your dog. To give your healthy dog the best chance at avoiding injury and illness, get her a memory foam dog bed.



All Dogs Can Benefit from a Memory Foam Dog Bed