Washable Dog Bed Covers | Buddy Beds Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Covers

Our Orthopedic Dog Bed covers are made of the highest quality fabrics - durable denims, long wearing microfibers, and fluffy fleeces. Again, we insist on the best quality fabrics we can find. We do not cut corners in this area. As a result, our covers wear like no other while providing maximum comfort for your Dog Buddy. We even put in longer zippers so all covers are easily removed for washing.

Sturdy reinforced double serged seams

Heavy duty zippers

Extra long zippers for easy removal of washable covers

  • Buddy Bed Dog Beds insists on the highest quality control

  • Professional double serge on all seams

  • We use the highest quality poly thread for durability

  • Our microfiber is is a fabulous fabric-long wearing, strong, and easily washable

  • Dog hair is easily removed from a QUALITY suede microfiber such as ours

  • Sturdy, comfortable denim for durability and comfort

  • So you will not have to struggle to remove the cover for machine washing, we put in extra long zippers!

  • Wide gussets

  • Contrast piping on most covers.

  • HINT! If your Dog Buddy gets too hot in the summer on the fleece top side of our covers...flip it over and use the cooler denim or microfiber bottom side. (Don't forget to make sure the memory foam is facing toward the top of the bed)

Brand Name Fabrics Buddy Bed Dog Beds Uses

Microfiber: What great fabrics microfibers are for a Dog Bed! These synthetic fabrics are strong, durable, long-wearing, and resist tearing. We have all seen the microfiber dog bed covers that it is humanly impossible to remove the dog hair. Buddy Bed Dog Beds has gone to great lengths and much testing to find a microfiber that easily sheds dog hair. (Hint: use a lightly damp cloth and the dog hair wipes right off.)

We know that you are investing in an expensive pet bed and we want it to last. This bed is different, and better. . . and yes, worth the price. Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Buddy Bed Dog Beds strives to construct the premier quality pet bed on the market- not the cheapest! That is why Buddy Bed Dog Beds are the ultimate Memory Foam Dog Bed.