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We bought a Buddy Bed for our 11 month old Rottweiler who was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. We were so upset that we were faced with this life changing condition, our concern for his health was overwhelming. He's now had his bed since early February and he absolutely LOVES IT! When he gets out of his crate in the morning, he doesn't limp at all.

Not to mention that the customer service was nothing but 150% satisfaction. I feel relieved that he can rest comfortably for the rest of his life. . . in fact I can't wait to get another one to keep in the living room. Buddies for Life,

--Dana, Chris and Brae
Albuquerque, NM

I'm Doobie (right) & this is my buddy Hank. I'm 9 years old with real bad arthritis in my spine. I also have torn ligaments in my knee and am awaiting surgery. I can barely walk, let alone play, so all I do is lay around and sleep! We've had our Buddy Beds for a few days now and we're loving 'em! They're so much more comfortable than our old beds! At first it was a little weird cause they are much higher off the ground than our old mats, but it didn't take long to get used to that! I really appreciate that my humans wanted to make my last years so much more comfortable!
-Doobie, Hank, and Holly N.
Willits, CA

Hi, My name is Sandy. I am an 8 year old yellow lab. I am very energetic! I love to take long walks with my family.

I used to have an egg crate foam bed. It was ok, but sometimes I would not even sleep through the night. I would get up and wander around the house and wake my family, too. I developed some stiffness in my shoulders. I could not find a comfortable way to sleep on my bed. My family decided it was time for a new bed!

The most wonderful thing happened! My family decided to do some research on memory foam beds. The found the web site for Buddy Beds and learned why these beds were the best you can buy. The memory foam supports your whole body and doesn't sink down to the floor. Within a week, had a brand new bed!

I love my new Buddy Bed! I now sleep through the whole night without tossing and turning. Oh, and no more wandering around the house at night! I wake up well rested and my joints feel great! My family is very happy. They can now sleep through the night, too!

Thank you for a great bed. I will recommend it to all my friends!

Love, Sandy
-Sandy, Ann, and David T.
San Diego, CA

My name is Ladybug. The day after Christmas, I got very sick and had to undergo spinal cored surgery. While I was recuperating in the hospital, my family, who was really worried about me, thought how nice it would be for me to have my very own TuempurPedic bed, just like theirs. (I've got to tell you a secret. . . .whenever they would have to leave me at home alone, I would always sneak upstairs and sleep on theirs! It was so comfy!) As a surprise, they went online and googled (whatever that means) TempurPedic pet beds. . . and guess what? They found you website! How excited they were to find people who started a company that thought about the comfort of pets! Wo, when I cam home from the hospital, there sat my new Buddy Bed! I've got to tell you, it's a lot more comfortable than theirs! It was so comfortable for me and I was so relieved to see how happy my family was that I had a comfortalbe bed to lie in while recovering, the top it off, the beautiful red color kept my spirts up!

I also wanted to tell you that I've just heard that my family, in great appreciation, has ordered a Buddy Bed for my Doctor, and my new lifelong friend, Dr. Filippo Adamo, DVM, of Bay Area Veterinary specialists, in San Leandro CA. He is a wonderful Neurosurgeon who preformed my surgery and made me all better! I am certain that his 'best friend' will enjoy his new bed as much as I.

Thank you so much for thinking not only of me, but of all pets that need a comfortable place to lie each day. I LOVE it!
And my family, Andrew, Lynn, Roo, and Rae
San Leandro, CA

My two Golden Retrievers Riley (3) and Rosebud (1) absolutely love, love, love their Buddy Beds! Riley got his first Buddy Bed a couple years ago -- then we got our new puppy, Rosebud, who liked to climb onto Riley's Buddy Bed with him at night to sleep. They soon outgrew just one Buddy Bed for the two of them -- so now they have matching Buddy Beds -- of course!!! I wouldn't have any other beds for my babies! They add so much to our family and our lives -- the least I can do is get them the best bed available! Thanks Buddy Beds for making a great product!!
--Jill J.
Los Angeles, CA

We bought a Buddy Bed for our 11 month old Rottweiler who was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. We were so upset that we were faced with this life changing condition, our concern for his health was overwhelming. He's now had his bed since early February and he absolutely LOVES IT! When he gets out of his crate in the morning, he doesn't limp at all.

Not to mention that the customer service was nothing but 150% satisfaction. I feel relieved that he can rest comfortably for the rest of his life. . . in fact I can't wait to get another one to keep in the living room. Buddies for Life,

--Dana, Chris and Brae
Albuquerque, NM

Penny is a different dog, in a completely wonderful way, I just can't say enough wonderful things about the Buddy Bed! She wags her tail while she is dreaming now, I am not JOKING! It so so amazing ...she also just wags her tail SO much more, she is SO happy, turns 9 on Oct. 11th!! WE LOVE HER.

Thanks Buddy Beds!
--Janel G.
Tampa, FL

Zeke is an American Black and Tan Coonhound puppy who like to stretch out his long frame in front of his favorite gas stove. He needs his rest and comfort because he is certified as a trailing scent hound and works with his owner as a volunteer with the El Paso County Search and Rescue, Colorado Springs, CO.

The memory foam, protective liner, and washable cover(s) are everything that I expected from Buddy Beds. We were so impressed that we purchased a medium size Buddy Bed for his crate.

Debbie, thank you for your follow-up calls on our satisfaction with Zeke's bed and the opportunity to write this testimonial for a great product. When our Bassett Hounds need replacements, they will get Buddy Beds.

--Ken & Judi J.
Colorado Springs, CO

Note: Buddy Beds would like to congratulate Zeke and his owner for completing this rigorous certification and for volunteering with this valuable program in Colorado.

This is a picture of my sweetheart, Kilee. I've bought SOOO many beds for her, (we have hard surface floors throughout the house), and this is the FIRST ONE that has been more attractive to her than our beds!

She is an Australian Sheperd and to say this breed sheds is a gross understament!! I have her groomed about every 5 weeks, but still can sit on the couch and watch dog hair "tumbleweeds" roll across the floor. I have to vacumum every day! I was a little leary of getting a microfiber bed as I've bought them before and then can't get her hair off them, EVEN IN THE WASHER AND DRYER!!

I got the Buddy Bed and Kilee slept on it all night, (so nice not to hear the click-click of her toenails as she tried to find a comfortable place to sleep at night!!), the next morning I got out my lint brush and misted it with a tiny spritz of water, I was able to clean the surface of her bed in less than 2 seconds, and the bed surface wasn't even the slightest bit damp!!

I am thrilled with every aspect of this bed. Kilee is a precious part of our lives and while I was a little hesitant to spend "that much" money, it has proven to be worth every cent of it!! Kilee's nails have rippped bedspreads when she would get on our beds, and she's gone through 3 or 4 dog beds a year, (they were around $30-$50 each), and by the time I add the costs up, the Buddy Bed is MUCH more cost effective than any other dog bed I've seen anywhere! The quality is just outstanding!!

Thank you folks for everything, your AMAZING customer service, your prompt delivery, and your INCREDIBLE product!

--Betsy M.
Lynden, WA

I love my Buddy Bed! Thanks for answering all of our questions and for making such high quality beds. I've been sleeping on my wonderful bed for a few weeks and it's absolutely perfect. So comfy! The cover is made of beautiful durable fabric that looks new even after I slobber all over it with my kong toy . Wish we'd bough a Buddy Bed years ago because your memory foam is amazing. Hope your will enjoy this photo of me with my adopted sister on my new bed. We all love our new bed, especially the magical fabric that always looks clean!

Yoda (on left, adopted through Petfinder.com) and Phoenix (on right, found as a stray)

--Michelle P.

Hi, my name is Sadie. I'm a 12 year old German Shepherd and I have the energy and spirit of a puppy. My favorite "hobbies" are frisbee, anything that involves a ball and swimming in the lake!! After a hard day of playing, my 12 year old body will remind me just how old I am. My BuddyBed is really helping me with my stiff and achy joints. In the few short weeks since I got my BuddyBed, I don't have to take as many yucky pills for my sore joints. Of all the beds that I have slept on, my BuddyBed is the best. Everyday I wake up felling like a puppy again! Thank you Debbie, I love my BuddyBed,

I wanted to thank you again for Sadie's BuddyBed. Her arthritis is nothing like it used to be. I'm amazed how she hops right off her bed now. Before, it would take her a few minutes just to stand up. I'm happy to have my 'puppy' back. Thank you again for Sadie's "Miracle Bed"
--Christee M.

Just today our new dog tried out her Buddy Bed. She likes it! Retire racing greyhound, Niamh, spent the past three years in a steel cage. so this bed is Nirvana. Thanks for making such a nice place for Niamh to rest her tired legs.

--Francie M.
Del Mar, CA

Anna - 10 year old Lab
Brie - 6 year old Sheltie

Brie is sharing while waiting for her BuddyBed! Thanks for creating such a FINE product.
--Janet M.

Ryan - age 13
and Ranger - age 6

The beds arrived today. They look wonderful! I may nudge out one of my Golden Retrievers to sleep on it myself!! The covers are great too. Very good quality. Thanks again.
--Linda D.

Aslinn has to beat Mom and Dad to her BuddyBed.
--John & Diane F.

Tucker - 11 year old chocolate lab

Thanks for your great customer service. We received Tucker's bed and it wasn't out of the box less than 5 minutes before he was enjoying it. I know he loves it. He jumped up the first day and wasn't stiff at all. I am sending a few picture of him enjoying his new bed. I actually was washing his old bed to send it along to his 'cousins' and had it out in the hallway waiting to be packaged to mail. He went over to it stepped on it as if to get ready to bed down then changed his mind and went to his new BuddyBed. You have a new convert when in comes to your SnuggleBuddy. Thanks again for your personal call and the attention you gave our order.
--Amy H. and Tucker

Wags and Menace say they look very cute! We love our BuddyBeds!
--Love from Wags, Menace, and Cindy L.
Denver, CO

Nera is 15 years old she received her buddy bed a few days ago and just loves it. Finally a comfortable bed for this Old Timer to rest on.
Thanks from Nera.
--Mike D.

"Thank You for creating your Buddy Beds"! I purchased one for our Golden Retriever, Gracey, who has severe arthritis in her shoulders as a result of OCD. She loves her bed and we have seen a noticeable improvement in the last 3 weeks. It's truly amazing really! We have been able to back her off her Rimadyl and Tramadol almost completely. She must know it helps too, because out of all four dog beds, her new Buddy Bed is where she always goes; the other dogs don't even try to take it from her. It's really strange, it's like they know. I must sound like a total whack job, but I swear I'm perfectly sane!
--Tina B.

As you can see from the attached photos, Nina loves her new Snugglebuddy! It is beautifully made and extremely comfortable, just as described on your website. I am glad we selected the large size Snugglebuddy, because Nina has plenty of room to either snuggle up or to lay on her side.

Best of all, we can tell this is a pet bed built to last - thanks to the memory foam, this bed will remain supportive and comfortable, unlike all the other beds out there with filling that gets bunched up and lumpy in a matter of months.

Thanks for taking the time to design a real "forever" bed for our "forever" buddy!

Patti K. and Nina
Dallas, Texas

Thank you for Andy's memory foam mattress! After getting used to my temperpedic mattress, the only option was to make sure that Andy has the same comfort. He loves his bed!

Actually, a small child could sleep on Andy's bed! My 20 year old son comes in at night and perchs on Andy's bed for a late night talk of the day....he complains that the "dog" has a better bed than he does!

My husband is just thrilled that I finally found a bed to get Andy out of OUR bed.

Thanks again for such a great product!

--J. Beicher

Thanks again for letting us exchange Jake's bed with a bigger size, he loves it and we never hear him grunt and groan when he gets up or lay's down on it which is music to our ears.

Jake is a 11 year old Belgian Shepard and a very satisfied customer.

Thanks for the super bed!!

--D. Fridley

I have two rescue dogs. My older dog, Scout (13 yr old lab mix), for whom I purchased the bed, and Audrey (3 yr old whippet/? mix).

They both love sleeping on it, so I will have to get one of the snuggle beds soon for Audrey.

It is a great bed.

--P. Petty

My goodness someone is really sleeping well on this new bed..She loves it..

We just love to watch her sleep on it, she would rather be on it than sharing the sofa with us! I know it is wonderful for her joints. wonderful to see her sleeping away on it especially since she has turned 14.

Thanks so much and have a great day..

--K. Arevain
Denver, CO

All I can say is "wow", nice dog bed. It is the highest quality dog bed insert and cover I've ever seen.

--Stephanie T.
Chapel Hill, NC

Bruno is a rescue dog who has gone from living in a field to sleeping on a luxurious Buddy Bed. He loves his Buddy Bed and we love seeing how happy he is resting or sleeping on his Buddy Bed.

--Eric and Emily P.
Atlanta, GA

Our new Buddy Bed arrived yesterday. Last night was the first night in a long time that our dog was not up wandering, looking for a comfortable spot on OUR bed. She seemed to like her new bed, was quick to proceed to loud snoring and stayed there for the entire night. WE had a good sleep for the first time in a long time. Many thanks!

--Cathy K. and Gracie (the 6 year old English Black Lab)
I have the black Lab, Greta.

You were so helpful in assisting me to choose a bed for her and SHE LOVES IT!!! I have been trying to get a good picture to send to you but Black on Blue is diffiicult to see...however, I will forward one when I get a great shot.

Anyway....not only does Greta love her bed but my cat Lucy does also! It's like a magnet for her.....Greta gets up....she gets on! Because of this, I have ordered a special bed for her and I know you will have another satisfied customer when it arrives. She is also black, but I'll try to get you a picture of both!

Thanks again for such a great quality product!
--S. Lenhart
Thanks sooooo much, Debbie for all of your help!! Your excellent customer service is unbelievable! I am really looking forward to presenting the wonderful Buddy Beds to my 2 labs and pitbull (who thinks she's a lab)! I searched the www for days until I found what sounds like the perfect beds! Thank you in advance for all of your most helpful and generous customer service!

--Pat W.
Atlanta, Georgia

Wow, I can't thank you enought for taking the time to answer my questions so thoroughly!

Thanks so much! That was so nice of your to send our bed on its way with super speedy service. . .we're all looking forward to receiving it.

We live with three dogs: Yoda (Australian Shep/Cattle Dog mix adopted through Petfinder.com), Caspian (German Shep mix from Petfinder), and Phoenix (Cattle dog mix who was a stray). I know they will ALL enjoy thieir new bed but it was actually purchased with Yoda in mind. He's our oldest dog -- 10 years -- and has chronic lower back pain. sometimes he's a little stiff in the mornings so we think he wil really like his beautiful new Buddy Bed. I'm not the most computer-savvy person but I will try to send a photo of him with his bed after it arrives.

Thanks again for your wonderful customer service!

--Michelle P.
Ashville, NC

Thank you! Good customer service is becoming rare.

--Nancy G
Kinnelon, NJ

A very belated thank you! We received the cover for the old style rectangular buddy bed. It fits perfectly, of course. Thank you so much for the extra efforts in locating it in your warehouse.

We are now a 3 buddy bed family and all of them are put to good use! My husband plans to get a puppy of his own in the next few months and we will definitely start that pup out right...with a Buddy Bed!

Thanks again for your extra efforts. Your customer service is as outstanding as your product.

--MaryLou M.
Charolette, NC

We received the Buddy Bed Friday as promised. It took her a couple of days to get used to it but last night she slept throught the night on it. Normally, she gets up and changes rooms every couple of hours during the night, so I know she LOVES it! We'll snap a photo of her on it soon and share it with you.

Thanks again for the great bed!

--Jess S.
Fort Collins, CO

Your commitment to personal customer service is so refreshing in the typically "faceless" internet marketplace. Kudos to you for running your business with such integrity. Truly inspiring!

--Theresa B.
Thank you. We received the Buddy Bed and are very happy. Coal is not as stiff -- more bouncy! A perfect Christmas gift! The only problem is my two other labs are 'fighting' over it! Will be making another purchase soon.

--Jen G.
Thanks for the fast and thorough response. I noticed that all the retailers made their beds sound "orthopedic" but after your website's explanation the orthopedic qualitites from others didn't seem very honest. I just ordered a Buddy Bed for my German Shepherd who has been getting up with stiffness lately. I am looking forward to my new Buddy Bed for my 4-legged daughter!!

--Lisa A.
Coda just adores his collie-pedic. He occasionally lets me lay on it too, but not too often.

--Shawn R.
Aransas Pass, TX

Thank you Debbie. I like when people put a personal touch to their business. I always like dealing with the top person. It's easier that way for me. Deal directly. You have been so kind and a pleasure to speak with. I know these beds will work for Ricky & Lucy. I will send a photo soon. After the 'unveiling' of the beds! Thanks again.

--Robin M.