Quality Shortcuts Memory Foam Manufacturers Can Take

Why Memory Foam Qualities Differ -
How Some 'Wholesale' and 'Discount' Memory Foam Manufacturers Cut Corners

This is an excerpt from an article by Healthy Foundations - The Memory Foam Specialists. They are an excellent source for thoughtful, accurate information on memory foam. If you are considering a memory foam 'human' bed for yourself - this is a reputable, quality, and dependable source from which to purchase your bed. Their website is: https://www.healthyfoundations.com/memoryfoam.html

Not All Memory Foams are Created Equal

Like all things, if the price seems too good, it may well be an indication that something isn't right and the foam may not be up to the advertised specifications".

"What you need to remember is that not all memory foams are equal. They differ a great deal in quality - density, hardness or softness, response to temperature, and also durability and longevity. In looking for the right memory foam for our new topper pads, we looked at a number of products that were in the 3 to 5 pound density range, and we found they really do differ significantly in quality and feel. In the rest of this guide, I will try to share with you the types of things to consider.

Many manufacturers have begun producing memory foam in recent years. This has allowed the retail price of memory foam to drop and become an affordable product. And while this has meant that a good number of quality memory foams have come onto the market, it also means that a greater number of low quality, cut rate foams have also appeared.

Now a word of caution. When you are researching memory foam, you need to be careful what foam you buy. In my research into memory foam suppliers, I was horrified at the different insider stories I heard, such as manufacturers putting inexpensive fillers (like sand, etc.) into foam to save money, rather than using the more expensive materials used in making true memory foam. I also was cautioned about manufacturers who unload bad pours of foam on unsuspecting customers in order to recoup their costs in pouring this foam.

Horror stories like these from foam manufacturing veterans were eye openers to me. I had no idea that these practices were going on, and I surely didn't want my customers to end up with these lower quality products. That is one of the reasons I settled on my current mattress and topper pad suppliers. They are both very concerned about the quality of the memory foams they use, and only use those foams that are certified to meet very rigorous quality control standards by the manufacturer.

Given these issues, I would urge you to really look closely at not only the density of the memory foam you are buying, but the source as well. You can trust the big name brands, who have a vested interest in assuring that their customers get only the highest quality products, and don't sell bad pours of their foam.

However, if you buy off-branded or house brand memory foam, you really need to ask questions about the source of the foam to see if the reseller really knows whether the foam is the actual specification they are advertising. While resellers probably won't tell you the specific supplier they are using (which, after all, is part of their competitive advantage), ask them if their supplier has a long standing relationship with the foam manufacturer, and whether their supplier independently inspects each batch of foam after it was received from the manufacturer to ensure that the quality is what it should be.

Again, if the price seems too good, it may well be an indication that something isn't right and the foam may not be up to the advertised specifications".