Top Ten Pet Wounds

Dog Fights Cause the Most Common Wounds in Pets



Top 10 wounds for dogs and pets Lacerations and bite wounds topped the list of most common pet wounds. According to Veterinary Pet Insurance, of the claims received, 11,000 were the result of dogs and cats fighting with other dogs and cats - or wild animals.


Other wounds making the top 10 list were torn nails; insect bits and stings; abrasions; eye traumas; punctures; foreign objects in skin, ears and feet; and lastly snakebites.


Snakebites may be at the end of the list in frequency; however, they were the most costly wound treatment --the average snakebite insurance claim averaging $580 per claim.


These wounds cost pet owners more than $2 million. For those with pet insurance, the average claim was almost $350.



Top 10 wounds for dogs and pets

Here is a list of the Top 10 Pet Wounds:


  1. Laceration and bite wound

  3. Torn nail

  5. Insect bite and sting

  7. Abrasion

  9. Eye trauma

  11. Puncture

  13. Foreign object in skin

  15. Foreign object in ear

  17. Foreign object in foot

  19. Snakebite

    This data was compiled by Veterinary Pet Insurance of Brea, California.


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    Top 10 wounds for dogs and pets