Memory Foam Dog Beds Verses Traditional Beds

Memory Foam Dog Beds verses Traditional Dog Beds


You want to get your best friend a new bed. You've been doing some research and you're wondering, what exactly is the difference between a memory foam dog bed and a traditional stuffed dog bed? Below are three differences between memory foam dog beds and traditional stuffed dog beds.



What is memory foam?


Memory foam is a special type of foam that is designed to react to body heat and body weight. What this means is that when your dog lies on a bed of memory foam the foam shapes itself around the contours of your dog. Because memory foam molds to your dog's exact shape, memory foam eliminates all pressure points your dog could develop while sleeping. Because memory foam eliminates all pressure points, it can be considered orthopedic. What does that mean exactly? Imagine if you were to sleep on the floor on your right side. After some time you would begin to get pins and needles in your right side. Eventually your right side would fall asleep all together. What this means is that your right side is not getting enough blood or oxygen. You have essentially developed a pressure point on your right side. Memory foam prevents such pressure points from developing. Because your dog's body is cradled in a memory foam bed, her right side, or left side, or back legs, or front legs cannot fall asleep.


Your dog will develop pressure points while sleeping in traditional stuffed dog beds. The stuffing in a traditional dog bed will over time either spread out, mat, clump, or flatten. As a result your dog will, as she sleeps, come into contact with the floor below her. Maybe the stuffing spreads apart where her hips are. Her hips will rest on the floor below her, creating pressure points and pain in your dog's hips.




Dog beds smell


Buddy Beds Designs Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog BedIt is no secret that one of the main reasons a dog bed owner disposes of their dog's bed is not because the bed is worn out, so to say, but because it smells so bad the owner cannot stand to have it in the house any longer. Dogs are not the cleanest of animals. They run through mud, swim in lakes, and roll in smelly things. All of the odors and dirt they come into contact with during their day, they drag into their bed. Traditional stuffed dog beds are very good at soaking up dirt and smells and never letting them go. So is memory foam.


In fact, memory foam cannot be washed. Once the foam is washed it loses its ability to react to your dog's body heat and weight, rendering it no longer orthopedic. High quality memory foam dog bed manufactures are aware of this aspect of memory foam. They know that dog beds need to be able to be washed, most high quality memory foam dog bed manufacturers make their memory foam dog beds with a liner.


Such liners are factory sealed around the memory foam of the dog bed. The liners are not meant to be removed. These liners protect the memory foam from dirt, liquids, smells, bugs, and allergens. Buddy Beds, one of the highest quality memory foam dog bed manufactures on the market, actually builds their memory foam beds with a liner that is not only waterproof but breathable as well. Such a liner may seem like an oxymoron, but with today's technology, it isn't. The breathability of Buddy Bed's liners allows air to reach the memory foam inside of the liner. Without airflow memory foam cannot for an extended time, maintain its loft. The loft of a memory foam bed is key in allowing the memory foam to react to body heat and weight, and hence key in keeping memory foam orthopedic.




Buddy Beds Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog BedMemory foam dog beds are more expensive than traditional dog beds. Due to the materials and build process of a memory foam dog bed, such a bed will obviously be expensive. Do not rule out purchasing your dog a memory foam dog bed only due to the cost however. When buying a memory foam dog bed, it is better to look at it as a long-term investment. Some memory foam dog bed companies actually estimate that their memory foam dog beds will outlast traditional dog beds ten times over. This can be particularly true with the higher quality bed one purchases. High quality memory foam dog beds will be built with high quality memory foam, and such memory foam that is designed to last for years. No stuffed dog bed will maintain its structure for years. Its stuffing will, as mentioned, begin to break down and cease to support your dog as she needs. Consider how often you have to replace your dog's bed due to smell or structural degradation. You may come to the conclusion that buying a well-made memory foam bed will save you money in the long run.


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