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10 Reasons to Buy A Buddy Bed Over Other Dog Beds

Why do Orthopedic Dog Beds by Buddy Beds work so well? Buddy Beds Dog Beds work so well because of the care and attention to quality throughout the manufacturing process. We are trying to make the best dog beds possible.

Orthopedic Dog Beds -10 Reasons You Should Buy a Buddy Beds Memory Foam Dog Bed

1. Exclusive Patented Sleep System.

Why Buy a Memory Foam Dog Bed? Buddy Beds Dog Beds has a Patented Sleep System Buddy Beds exclusive patented sleep system . Named #1" Dog Bed - Buddy Beds are the most comfortable, supportive, and durable dog beds in the world. Buddy Beds are designed for dogs that need that extra joint support and comfort. That is why Buddy Beds was named the World's Best Dog Bed! We are the only real orthopedic memory foam dog bed.

Our sleep system has 4 important parts:
Read more here:Buddy Beds Sleep System

1. Quality Non-toxic Memory Foam
2. Supporting Foam to Prevent "Bottoming Out"
3. Protective Liner
4. Outer Washable Cover (click for more)

2. Animal Wellness Seal Of Approval

Buddy Beds Receives the Animal Wellness Seal Of Approval There are a lot of 'orthopedic dog beds' out on the market today -- it is the hot new thing. How do you choose? Everything we are about to tell you has been confirmed by an INDEPENDENT source -- The Animal Wellness Seal of Approval. Don't just believe us. . .the Animal Wellness Group has awarded Buddy Beds the coveted Animal Wellness Seal of Approval. (click for more)

3. Excellent Therapeutic Comfort and Support.

Memory foam is the ONLY material known to man that completely eliminates painful pressure points. Buddy Beds are designed for dogs that need that extra joint support and comfort. (click for more)

Buddy Beds takes away your dog's pain

4. Memory Foam Dog Beds Take Away the Pain.

It breaks our hearts to watch our beloved Buddys suffer from the pain of canine arthritis and hip dysplasia. (click for more)

5. There are different qualities of memory foam -- Buddy Beds uses only the highest quality available.

There really are differences in the quality of memory foam! What does that mean? (click for more)

6. Certified Non-Toxic Memory Foam

Buddy Beds has non-toxic memory foam. Certipur non-toxic memory foam Buddy Beds Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Beds uses a CERTIFIED safe, non-toxic memory foam, unlike many of our "warehouse" and "discount" imitators - that is how they keep the price so low. Buddy Beds memory foam is certified NOT to contain harmful chemicals or to 'off gas' harmful gases. Our memory foam contains no fillers or flame retardants. Our blowing agent is water -- unlike cheaper memory foams which use freon as a blowing agent. (click for more)

7. Many Say They are an Orthopedic Dog Bed -- But They are Not!

Many orthopedic dog beds still create pressure points. Don't be fooled by other "orthopedic" dog beds that do not use true memory foam! These materials are NOT memory foam and do not provide the orthopedic qualities of real slow recovery visco-elastic memory foam: (click for more)

8. Our Unique Dog Bed Protector Liner Protects the Memory Foam Dog Bed.

Combining memory foam with our Dog Bed Protector,(a waterproof, yet breathable, fabric liner), is an exclusive process to Buddy Beds.
No one else takes this expensive step! It is our exclusive patented process. (click for more)

9. We Add Support Foam to the Memory Foam Dog Bed.

Why does Buddy Beds use a support foam? This is a very critical step - yet a very expensive step! Because of the expense, not every 'orthopedic' dog bed takes this expensive step. (click for more)

10. Buddy Beds Lasts for Years and Years

We know this orthopedic dog bed is an investment, yet because it lasts it will cost you less in the end. Low quality beds break down quickly and don't offer any long term benefits. (click for more)

11. Because you want only the best for your dog AND your dog knows and appreciates a quality dog bed.

Do you want anything less than the best for your Best Friend? You buy the best food, the best treats, and the best toys. . .why should your Buddy's dog bed be different? (click for more)

Dog World Magazine named Buddy Beds - "The Rolls Royce of Dog Beds"

Buddy Beds Voted Best Dog Bed - Pet Age Magazine 2008

There is nothing like a Buddy Bed Dog Bed --

It is an extraordinary dog bed!

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