Memory Foam Dog Beds - Why they are not all the same

All Memory Foam Dog Beds are NOT the same! Here is why:



You have decided to get your dog a new dog bed, and have decided on a memory foam dog bed. First of all, congratulations on making a very wise choice. Your dog will benefit greatly from the new memory foam dog bed. Whether he is an older dog with some health issues, or a young dog and you are being proactive in preventing some health issues, a memory foam dog bed is a wonderful place for him to sleep. As you begin to search for a memory foam dog bed, you soon discover that there are many different types, styles and manufacturers. So what do you do? You want to get the best you can for your dog. It can be somewhat overwhelming to decide exactly which memory foam dog bed to buy.



Not All Memory Foam Dog Beds are Created Equal You have to understand that not all memory foam dog beds are the same. Some are very high quality, and some very low, made with sub-standard materials. Some might give off harmful gases and be made with foam that contains chemicals that will cause health issues in your dog. When you are searching and deciding on a memory foam dog bed, take great care to determine just what kind of memory foam the dog bed is made of. It's important to examine the following:



Memory Foam Dog Bed Construction

Some of the memory foam dog beds on the market are made with shredded foam, some with only memory foam but no support foam. Without the support foam, as your dog sleeps on the dog bed, he will sink into the foam, "bottoming out" on the floor. This will create pressure points and not provide the support he needs. A few dog beds are made with orthopedic foam and some with "medical grade" foam. These might be memory foam but might not be.



The Memory Foam Density of the Dog Bed


This is of course the most important part of any memory foam dog bed. A dog bed might look fantastic, but the memory foam is what is going to benefit your pet.


Memory foam density is measured in pounds. The highest being 5 lb foam. This density will give your dog the best support and relief of any joint problems. A number of manufacturers use memory foam which is inferior in quality and will lose its memory and ability to give good support over time.



Not All Memory Foam Dog Beds are Created Equal

A Certified Non-Toxic Memory Foam Dog Bed

It is extremely important that your dog's new bed be a safe environment. The bed should not give off any odors, or contain any chemicals that might harm your pet. Some manufacturers use Freon during the injection process when the foam is created. It's crucial to find a bed that is made using water during the foam construction process. One company, Buddy Beds only sells beds that are certified non-toxic.


The whole purpose behind purchasing a new memory foam dog bed is to help your dog to sleep better, and relieve some of the medical issues they might be having. This can only happen when you get a memory foam dog bed that is made from high-quality memory foam, with a layer of supporting foam. Don't be fooled by the price of the dog bed. Examine how the dog bed is made, what type of materials, and is the dog bed non-toxic. These are all incredibly important features in the dog bed. After all, you are trying to provide the best you can for your pet, who always gives his best to you.



Not All Memory Foam Dog Beds are Created Equal