The Best Gift For Your Senior Dog- An Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

No matter the occasion, her birthday, Christmas, summer solstice, there is one gift that your senior dog will cherish above all others - a new memory foam dog bed.



You may be thinking you don't even have a memory foam bed, your senior dog certainly isn't getting one. Consider the following three reasons as to why buy your senior dog an orthopedic memory foam dog bed, and you may reconsider your ultimatum.




1. Why Memory Foam Dog Beds are Orthopedic


You've heard of it, you have probably seen it on TV, but what exactly is memory foam? Memory foam is a special type of polyurethane that is designed to react to body temperature and body weight. When a person, or dog, lies on a bed of memory foam, the memory foam forms itself around contours of the person's, or dog's, body. Traditional dog beds are beds stuffed with some sort of stuffing. They act like a traditional bed pillow. Such traditional dog beds will insulate a dog from the floor, but they will not shape themselves around the dog's body. As a result, it is easy for pressure points to develop when a dog sleeps on a traditional dog bed. The stuffing can get matted, or pushed to one side. Your dog may be on her dog bed, but her legs are essentially touching the floor, creating pressure points. Memory foam dog bed cradles every part of your dog, effectively eliminating all pressure points. In fact, memory foam is so effective at eliminating pressure points that hospitals use memory foam mattresses in burn wards.



2. Life without pressure points


Experts recommend memory foam dog beds for senior dogs. While there are many reasons to give a senior dog, or any dog, a memory foam dog bed, one important reason is that memory foam promotes good circulation. If your dog sleeps on a dog bed that eliminates pressure points, your dog will have no pinched or weighted arteries or veins while she sleeps. Your dog's vessels can maximize their efficiency when they are unimpeded. When a dog sleeps on a traditional dog bed, or on the floor, it is common for some part of her to be more weighted than the rest of her. Maybe she sleeps with her legs curled under her. The veins and arteries in her legs are essentially crushed between her weight and the floor. Her heart needs to work harder to push blood and oxygen through those veins and arteries. Maybe her resting heart rate is not strong enough to push the highest levels of oxygen through her legs. Without proper oxygenation, her joints, in particular, suffer. Dogs with arthritis need all the blood flow they can get to reduce the toll of their arthritis both in terms of swelling and pain. Memory foam dog beds promote good circulation helping arthritic dogs, and dogs prone to joint problems.


Senior dogs who wake up with less joint pain and swelling are more apt to activity. Dogs who exercise are less prone to obesity. Non-obese dogs are less prone to other medical issues such as diabetes, cardiac disorders and joint and bone problems.



3. Liners


One of the unfortunate things about a memory foam dog bed is that it cannot be washed. On top of that, memory foam is particularly good at soaking up smells. Such a combination can be a losing one in terms of dog beds. Dogs are messy. They play in the mud, they get wet, and as they age, they are more prone to incontinence. It is more than common for a dog's bed to take the brunt of such dog issues. In fact, most dog bed owners report having to throw their dog's bed out not because it wore out, but because the smell was so foul they could not keep it in their house. Such reasons are why high quality orthopedic memory foam dog beds are made with protective liners. Such liners wrap the memory foam of the bed and shield it from all things including liquids, odors, bugs and more. The liner wrapped memory foam is then encased in a washable cover. Memory foam dog bed liners are one reason why memory foam dog beds are so good for senior dogs. The liners make keeping your dog's bed clean an easy task. If your dog has sensitive skin, allergies, or is incontinent, keeping a clean bed is important. Not only that, but depending on the quality of the liner, the liner can extend the life span of the dog bed two fold. Buddy Beds, one of the highest quality memory foam dog bed manufactures on the market today, makes a dog bed liner that is not only waterproof, but breathable as well. The breathability of the liner promotes airflow to the memory foam of their dog beds. Without airflow, memory foam will lose its loft. Without loft, memory foam will eventually lose its ability to eliminate pressure points. Memory foam dog beds that do not eliminate pressure points are no better for your dog than your average dog bed.


Consider these three tips when shopping for the perfect senior dog bed and your dog won't be disappointed.