Bed Bugs or Fleas? Buddy Beds Can Help With That

Bed Bugs? Buddy Beds Can Help

Dogs play outside. They are low to the ground, they have fur, and they seem to get into everything. Such a combination presents the perfect opportunity for fleas, ticks, and all sorts of other microscopic pests, to hitch a ride on your best friend, and come home for dinner.

Fleas may be the most well known of the bugs that plague dogs. Fleas are wingless parasites, which have adapted themselves to hide in the fur of a dog and feed on the dogs blood. Fleas will stay on a dog for as long as they feed, which tends to be around an hour or so per day. When fleas are not eating they leave the dog's body, but they do not go far. Flees will spend their entire life cycle, which is anywhere from 20 to 30 days, jumping from your dog's body, to your carpet, back to your dog's body, and then back to your carpet, all the while feeding and laying eggs . . . thousands of them.

Obviously no one wants flees on their dog or in their house. One effective way to help fight fleas is to keep a clean house. More importantly, keep your dogs bed clean.

If fleas enter your house via your dog, and stay near your dog, fleas will be in your dogs bed. Ideally washing your dogs bed will help reduce the number of flees in your house and on your dog. However, what if your dogs bed is not designed to be washed or to keep out bugs?

Did you know that Buddy Beds dog beds are specifically engineered to help combat fleas and other dog parasites? Consider the following:

Buddy Beds are, as Dog World Magazine claims, "The Rolls Royce of Dog Beds". Buddy Beds makes high quality orthopedic memory foam dog beds, which are designed to outlast your average dog bed and perform better in the long run.

The Rolls Royce of dog beds is a lofty claim. Buddy Beds lives up to such a claim by constructing each of their dog beds include the following features.

1. Buddy Beds uses only the highest-grade memory foam available on the market.

2. Buddy Beds uses certified non-toxic memory foam in their beds.

3. Buddy Beds constructs their beds with three inches of supportive foam. Supportive foam is designed to prevent your dog from sinking into the memory foam so much they come into contact with the ground beneath them.

4. Buddy Beds dog beds contain a waterproof, yet breathable liner which makes Buddy Beds dog beds hypoallergenic, anti-static, anti-microbial, anti-dust mite, and anti-bacterial.

5. Buddy Beds dog beds are constructed with an outer, removable, washable cover.

While points 1 through 3 are important indicators of Buddy Beds dog beds quality, points 4 through 5 are the reasons why Buddy Beds will help you and your dog fight his flea problem.

As point 4 states, Buddy Beds dog beds are made with a waterproof and breathable liner. This liner does two very important things. One, the waterproof nature of the liner protects your dogs bed from liquids, stains, and odors, as well as fleas, ticks, and other unseen, but no less unsavory, uninvited guests.

Because the liner does not allow fleas and their buddies access to the foam of the dog bed, the bed is protected. If your dog owns a bed without such a liner, fleas will get into the mattress part of his bed. To get the flees out you will have to wash the bed. However, not all beds are designed to be washed (memory foam cannot be washed), and those that are able to be washed can be too large to fit into a home washing machine. Not only that, but washing a dog bed is a hassle, and even dog beds that are designed to be washed can be ruined in a washing machine. Avoid even having to go down the path of potentially washing your dog's bed and select a dog bed with a protective liner.

However, not all liners are created equally. Buddy Beds liners are unique and patented. While they are waterproof, they are also breathable. What this means is that the foam of the bed will continue to get the air flow it needs to maintain its loft and stay comfortable and functional for your dog, while it continues to protect the bed from things like urine, fleas, and odors.

As you can imagine, sleeping directly on a waterproof and breathable liner would not be comfortable. This is why Buddy Beds dog beds are enveloped with a removable, washable, durable cover. This cover is designed to taken off of the memory foam and washed and cleaned. Buddy Beds covers are available in denim, microfiber, and fleece, catering to all aspects of dog tastes.

By combining a waterproof and breathable liner with a removable, washable cover, Buddy Beds is setting you and your dog up for success. Fleas are hard enough to fight without you having to wash your dog's entire bed every few days, always with the possibility that the bed could be ruined in the washing machine. With a Buddy Beds dog bed you will eliminate the hassle of constantly washing (and ruining?) your dog's bed.