Make Your Own Dog Booties

We love our dogs! And we love to hike and camp with our dogs! Help prtoect those tender paws with dog booties.

Prevent paw-pad cuts and scrapes with this easy do-it-yourself project. You will need fabric (midweight nylon, fleece, denim) and 1-inch-wide Velco strips.

Here are the easy steps:

1. Cut two rectangels of fabric. Width should be 1 inch wider than pay; length should be 5-8 inches depending on size of dog.

2. Cut a strip of Velcro. Length should be the circumference of dog's ankle plus 1.5 inches.

3. Sew rectangles together leaving a .25-inch seam.

4. Turn right-side-out. Sew 1.5 inches of Velcro to top of bootie, hook side up. Sew the rest loop side down, leaving enought extra Velcro to secure bootie around dog's ankle.

Happy Hiking with your best Buddy! Enjoy the outdoors. . .

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Source: Backpacker Magazine