4 Reasons to Consider Buying an Orthopedic Dog Bed for the Holidays

The Holidays are coming, and the question still remains; what does your best friend REALLY, REALLY want?



Sure you've asked him, but he's not really a talker. You think, maybe he wants some new toys, or maybe some home baked treats? What he really wants is an orthopedic dog bed. Consider the following reasons as to why.



Every Dog Wants an Orthopedic Dog Bed for the Holidays

1. Give your self a present


Are you sick of kicking your dog off of your bed, and your couch, and your nice throw pillows? Is there is fur all over the house? Does it seem that your dog loves to sleep in all of the places that you wish he wouldn't? Getting your dog an orthopedic dog bed that he actually wants to sleep on can help eliminate these problems. Centralizing where you dog sleeps, or, in other words, getting your dog to sleep somewhere other than your bed, is not an impossible task. You simply need to give your dog an option to sleep somewhere that is more comfortable than your bed, couch, futon, or whatever. You may be thinking, "my dog already has a bed and he doesn't sleep in it. I am not going to waste my money and buy him another bed he won't sleep in." Consider what kind of dog bed your dog has. Did you buy him a discount dog bed? Is the dog bed 10 years old? If you were a dog, would you want to sleep in your dog's bed? Just because your dog has a dog bed, doesn't mean that it is comfortable. If you want your dog to stop sleeping all over the house and all over your furniture, you need to present him with an appetizing alternative. An orthopedic dog bed is that alternative.



2. Isn't an orthopedic dog bed is a fancy way of saying expensive?


Yes, orthopedic dog beds are more expensive than traditional 'stuffed' dog beds, but they are worth their price. When a dog bed is an orthopedic dog bed, a truly orthopedic dog bed, that dog bed eliminates all pressure points your dog feels while sleeping on it. What that means is no part of your dog is pressed upon any more than any other part of him while he sleeps in the dog bed. Your dog wakes up not only feeling pain free, but his body is truly refreshed. Because orthopedic beds are able to eliminate pressure points, your dog's circulation improves. Without pinched veins and arteries (something that naturally happens when your dog lies on something other than an orthopedic dog bed), your dog's blood is able to better move throughout his entire body. This is important for all dogs, but for dogs with joint pain or arthritis, this is especially important.



3. What makes a dog bed an orthopedic dog bed?


Shopping for an orthopedic dog bed can be tricky. In today's market there are a lot of dog bed fillers than manufactures try to pass off as orthopedic dog beds. There is only one orthopedic dog bed filler that can be considered truly orthopedic; that filler is memory foam. Memory foam dog beds are the only true orthopedic dog beds on the market. Memory foam is a special type of foam that is designed to react to your dog's body heat and body weight. When the foam reacts to your dog's body, it shapes itself around your dog, cradling him.


Do not be fooled. There are many fillers that sound like memory foam, and the manufactures that use such fillers claim they have orthopedic like properties, but they are not true memory foam. They do not react to your dog's body, cradling it and then eliminating all pressure points. Materials such as shredded memory foam, high density memory fill, memory grade hospital foam, none of these, and all others that are not memory foam, will not be an orthopedic dog bed. If a company makes their dog beds from true memory foam, they will say so. Memory foam is not cheap and companies who actually use memory foam will market it. The adage, 'you get what you pay for', while not always true, does apply to memory foam dog beds.



4. An orthopedic dog bed is a long term investment


Buddy Beds , one of the leading manufactures in high quality memory foam dog beds, estimates that just one of their orthopedic dog beds will outlast ten traditional dog beds. Traditional dog beds are not meant to last. They absorb smells, they break down, and they wear out, and it is easy to see the physical savings of buying one bed instead of ten. There are more economic benefits to buying an orthopedic dog bed, other than its long life span. When your dog sleeps on a dog bed that increases his circulation, promotes healthy joints, and helps eliminate his pain, your dog is more likely to live a healthy, active life. An active dog is a dog who is not overweight. An active dog is a dog who does not visit the vet often. Less vet visits means more money for you, and more money for you dog.



Every Dog Wants an Orthopedic Dog Bed for the Holidays