Buying the Perfect Dog Bed

Buying the perfect orthopedic dog bed is an easy thing to do.



Simply buy a very high-quality, orthopedic memory foam dog bed. Sounds simple right? Well it is in some ways. The problem is that there are many companies offering their dog bed, touting it as the best dog bed on the market. The thing is, all those dog beds are different, so how can all of them be the best. There are some specific things to look for when shopping for a dog bed and the best time to shop for a dog bed is when they are a puppy. Your dog deserves to sleep in comfort his whole life.



All dogs need an orthopedic memory foam dog bed When shopping for a bed you should look at the following:



  • Foam Type and Thickness:


    Without a doubt, the best kind of foam for a dog bed is memory foam. It was invented by NASA to reduce the effect of g-forces the astronauts are experiencing. A memory foam dog bed gives the most support for the dog, comforting their body equally as the foam conforms to the curves of their body. The memory foam dog bed's foam must also be non-toxic so it does not do any harm to your pet. The pet spends a lot of time sleeping so this is very important. Lots of dog beds are made from all types of materials, from shredded foam to egg crate style foam and many others. The only orthopedic dog beds that offers true support is the high-density memory foam dog bed. The foam thickness is also very important. It should be 2 inches of memory foam with 3 inches of support foam. Without the support foam, the memory foam would simply compress to the floor putting pressure on all those joints and muscles. Nobody, including animals, like to sleep on the floor.


  • Bed Liner:


    Another important factor in buying a dog bed is the moisture proof liner. As dogs age, incontinence can become a problem for some. The dog bed that your pet has spent his life on could be ruined with one accident. The liner should also breathe which helps alleviate the problem of mildew. The liner prevents the foam from absorbing anything like drool or urine.


  • Bed Cover:


    The dog bed cover should be easily removable and be made from a material that is very washable and easy to remove the dog hair. Microfiber is just such a material. It's very important the cover have an extra large zipper which makes it easy to take off and wash. You don't want to have to fight the dog bed to get the cover off.


    Once again, it's easy to buy the perfect dog bed. Simply buy a orthopedic memory foam dog bed, with a waterproof, breathable liner and covered in a microfiber that has an extra long zipper. For just such a dog bed, be sure to check out Buddy Beds.



    All dogs need an orthopedic memory foam dog bed