How to Clean Your Dog Bed

Tips on Cleaning Your Dog Bed

For a happy pet . . .and a neat, organized home,

follow these simple steps once a month (or when needed).

Outer Fabric Cover

  • Vacuum the bed thoroughly to remove hair, dirt, and whatever. Hint: A lint roller can pick up the hairs the vacuum missed.
  • Remove the outer fabric cover from the liner and memory foam. This fabric cover may be washed as often as needed. Buddy Beds high quality fabrics are durable, washable, and comfortable.
  • The cover should be washed separately. Use the large load setting, cold water, and a detergent that is marked pet-safe. For especially dirty beds, repeat the wash cycle.
  • Dry the cover in clothes dryer on low temperature for 20 minutes - then air dry to reduce shrinking. A Pet-Safe dry sheet may be used to reduce static electricity and remove leftover pet hair.

Protective Liner and Memory Foam

Spot clean liner and memory foam.

The protector may be washed in cold water - gentle cycle. Air dry only.