Christmas is Coming: What are You Going to Get Your Dog?

It's that time of year again. A new toy, a new collar, or perhaps a memory foam dog bed?



Christmas is coming and you want to get your four-legged best friend something, but what? A new toy, a new collar, or perhaps a bed? Yes, you should get your dog a bed for Christmas, but don't get her any bed, get her a memory foam dog bed. Here's why.


Get Your Dog A Memory Foam Dog Bed for Christmas!

1. Memory Foam Dog Beds are Special Because?



Why get your dog a memory foam dog bed as opposed to any old dog bed? Well, let's look at what memory foam is. Memory foam is no ordinary foam. In fact, memory foam was first designed by NASA scientists to help astronauts sleep in space. Memory foam is actually made to shape itself to its users body. So, when your dog lies in a memory foam dog bed, the memory foam reacts to her body heat and weight, causing the bed to shape itself to the exact curves of her body. What this does is distribute your dog's weight across her entire body. This means that she cannot develop pressure points while she sleeps. Pressure points equate to pain and a less rested body in the long run. A less rested body is more prone to illness and injury.


2. Vets Recommend Memory Foam Dog Beds



In fact, memory foam dog bed is so good at reducing chronic pain in dogs that vets recommend memory foam beds for dogs suffering from arthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia, muscle pain, skeletal problems, pregnant dogs, pre and post surgical dogs, and regular dogs too. You see, while memory foam dog bed is great at reducing a dog's pain; it is also great at helping prevent muscular skeletal issues later on. While some things, like hip dysplasia, have a genetic component, all of the above mentioned aliments have an environmental component to them as well. What this means is that while you may not be able to prevent your dog from contracting arthritis, you can do your best to minimize the affect the disease has on your dog.


If your dog lives her entire life sleeping on a memory foam dog bed every night, her body will be healthier than a dog who sleeps on the floor or even a normal dog bed every night. Pretend that you were to have slept your whole life sleeping on the ground. You can imagine how you would most likely experience neck or back or shoulder pain at a younger age than had you slept in a bed. The same can be said about your dog. If you get her a memory foam dog bed as a young dog, she will stay healthier for longer.


3. Memory Foam Dog Beds are Easy to Clean



Another great thing about memory foam dog beds is that they are very easy to clean. This may seem strange as memory foam cannot be washed or dried, but Buddy Beds have built their beds around this interesting quirk. Before I say anything else, know this. You should never ever consider buying a memory foam dog bed that is not built with an internal liner. All high quality memory foam dog beds are built with a waterproof liner that is factory sealed around the memory foam of the dog bed. Without such a liner, the memory foam dog bed will be ruined the first instant your dog tracks mud or water or whatever into her bed.


These liners are what make memory foam dog beds easy to clean. You see, if your dog has an accident in her bed, all you need to do is remove the outer bed cover, toss it in the wash, and wipe down the liner. You don't need to worry about washing your dog's entire dog bed, fitting it into the washing machine, or potentially ruining it as you try and clean it. Memory foam dog bed covers are designed to be washed, and certain companies even design them to fit into a standard home washing machine.


Another great feature about memory foam dog beds is that some companies really go the extra distance with them. Buddy Beds, a memory foam dog bed manufacturer, makes their liners to not only be waterproof, but breathable, anti-static, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic as well. Such liners not only extend the lifespan of the memory foam bed (memory foam needs airflow to maintain its ability to react to your dog's body heat and weight) but such liners also make your house a healthier place. Think about all of the dirt, and bugs, and allergens your dog accidently brings into your house. Traditional stuffed dog beds trap such irritants. Your dog lies in a traditional bed, any allergens stuck to her coat work their way into the stuffing of her bed and stay there. With an advanced dog bed liner, however, those allergens and irritants cannot take hold in your dog's bed. Maybe they get stuck in the outer cover, but you can wash that at any point. Well made dog bed liners keep your house cleaner, and if you are going to get your dog a Christmas present, you might as well get yourself one too.



Get Your Dog A Memory Foam Dog Bed for Christmas!