Cleaning and Care of a Memory Foam Dog Bed

Tips For Memory Foam Dog Bed Care



You need an orthopedic dog bed and you are looking into buying a memory foam bed for your dog. Through your research you've discovered that memory foam cannot be washed. What you want to know is, is it possible to keep a memory foam dog bed clean, or are memory foam dog beds an expensive marketing ploy? Good news, you can keep a memory foam dog bed clean, but the bed must be well designed.



Memory Foam Dog Beds Cleaning and Care
  1. Why Can't Memory Foam Be Washed?


    Let's start with the basics. It's true, washing memory foam destroys it. Why? Let's start with what memory foam is. Memory foam is a special type of foam that is designed to react to body heat and body weight. When your dog lies on a memory foam bed, a reaction actually happens in the bed which causes the memory foam to shape itself around your dog. This reaction allows all of your dog's weight to be spread evenly across her body, effectively eliminating pressure points. Because memory foam eliminates pressure points, it is the only substance that is truly orthopedic.



    Now, memory foam is orthopedic because of its structure. If you were to look at a piece of memory foam under a microscope you would see that the inside of the foam is made of thousands of bubbles. When memory foam is made, non-harmful gas bubbles are forced into the foam. Those gas bubbles get stuck in the foam. These bubbles are what give memory foam its special characteristics. If you get memory foam wet, water works its way into those bubbles and gets stuck. The memory foam won't dry for weeks, and when it finally does, mold will have started to grow in it. Not only that, but memory foam is so delicate it shreds in an ordinary washer or dryer.



  3. Liners


    Obviously dogs are not the cleanest animals in the world. In fact, they can at times, be pretty gross. I know I wouldn't trust my dog not to drag mud or water into his bed. Not only that, but incontinence is fairly common in dogs, and it often strikes while the dog is asleep. Memory foam dog bed manufactures know this about dogs, and high quality memory foam dog bed manufacturers have designed their beds with this in mind.



    Most memory foam dog bed manufactures make their beds with a non-removable liner (don't even bother to look at memory foam dog beds that are not built with a liner). This liner is sealed around the memory foam and supportive backing foam of the dog bed. In the lowest quality of beds the liner is, at a minimum, waterproof. Obviously a waterproof liner will protect the memory foam bed from water, mud, urine, and sweat.



  5. High Quality Liners



  6. The first thing to look for in a memory foam dog bed liner, beyond waterproofing, is if it the liner is also breathable. This may seem like an oxymoron, but believe me it is not. Breathability is just as important in a liner as waterproofing. You see, a memory foam dog bed needs airflow to maintain its loft. Loft is an essential in order for the memory foam to continue to react to body heat and weight after repeated use. What I am saying is that if air cannot reach the memory foam of your dog's bed, the bed will stop reacting to her body and it will no longer eliminate pressure points. While a waterproof and breathable liners are high quality liners, don't think that that is as advanced as memory foam dog bed liners get. Buddy Beds, a high quality memory foam dog bed manufacturer, makes a very high quality liner. Buddy Beds liners are only waterproof and breathable, but their liners are also hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-static and anti-dust mite.



  7. Memory Foam Dog Bed Covers


    A memory foam dog bed liner is not meant to be directly laid on by your dog. Obviously one hole in the liner and the memory foam is in danger of getting wet. So, memory foam dog bed manufactures have come up with a solution. Many memory foam dog beds are made with a washable cover. This cover is meant to surround the memory foam and its liner. This cover is what your dog lies on. Many manufacturers offer a variety of covers, so if you dog likes fleece, or something a little less warm, she can have what she wants. If, or when, your dog gets her bed dirty or wet, all you have to do is remove the bed from its cover and wash the cover. Many dog bed manufactures even design their dog bed covers to fit into standard home washing machines and dryers. This means that you can wash you dog's bed cover in the comfort of your own home.



    When shopping for a memory foam dog bed, keep in mind if it is easy to clean. If the bed does not have a removable cover, or if the cover cannot be washed, or if the bed has no liner, you probably want to keep shopping. Your dog will get her bed dirty, make it easy for you. Buy a memory foam bed that is built to be easy to clean.



    Memory Foam Dog Beds Cleaning and Care