4 Tips on Choosing the Correct Orthopedic Dog Bed Size

Your Dog Needs an Orthopedic Dog Bed. . . but, you know nothing about dog beds.



It's time. Your dog has been sleeping on the couch, in your daughter's bed, on your throw pillows, and now in your bed. She drools, she takes up a ton of space and she must dream about running, because she flails her legs while sleeping. She needs a dog bed. But, you know nothing about dog beds. While you will have to choose if you get your dog a stuffed dog bed, a foam dog bed, or perhaps a memory foam dog bed, you need to first determine what size bed your dog needs. Below are some helpful tips on choosing the appropriately sized dog bed for your dog.



Choosing the correct size dog bed
  1. What kind of dog do you have?


    If you have a Chihuahua you need a differently sized dog bed than if you have a Great Dane. You may think this goes without saying, but seriously, consider the size of your pet. Now go a step beyond that, get the measurements of your pet. I personally cannot estimate things like weight and height. I may try, but if I am going to buy something according to a size that I estimated, I then had better keep the receipt. While dog beds are not usually sized according to the weight of a dog, it is still a good idea to have your dog's weight handy when looking at a dog bed. Without knowing how tall or long a 120 lb dog is I immediately know that I need to be looking at large or extra large dog beds.



  3. How does your dog sleep?


    If you have a Collie who weighs 40lbs, but stretches out when she sleeps, this needs to be taken into account. Some dogs like to curl up when they sleep, some like to expand. Some dogs like teacup shaped dog beds, some like flat pillows. Note how your dog normally sleeps. If your dog has a dog bed she uses and you are looking to replace it, note the bed's size and shape. If you're dog has a bed, but does not sleep in it, consider the possibility that the dog bed is the wrong size for your dog. Keep in mind that even if your dog likes to sleep curled up she may need to stretch out from time to time. If you get a dog bed that is so small your dog cannot stretch while she is sleeping, you have gotten the wrong size dog bed. While there are no absolutes in dog bed shopping, you may want to consider buying a dog bed that is a bit larger than you think you need, simply because if it is too big, your dog will still sleep in it. If you buy a bed that is too small, your dog will probably continue to sleep wherever she has been sleeping.



  5. How many dogs do you have?


    If you have one dog and your dog sleeps by herself, then you need to buy a dog bed that fits only her. The question that remains is, do you have multiple dogs? Do you have dogs and cats? Do any of your animals sleep together? If you have two dogs that curl up together at night, getting a dog bed that only fits one of them is counterproductive. You want to present your dog, or dogs, with a dog bed that is more comfortable than where your dog, or dogs, were sleeping. If you don't get a dog bed that allows your dog to sleep how she likes (with the cat, with the other dog, etc.) then she and the rest of the animals are going to continue to sleep where they have been sleeping.



  7. Bring your dog when purchasing their dog bed


    Most pet stores allow animals, and depending on the store, your dog may be able to lie in a dog bed before you buy it. Not only that, but the store employees can give you a second opinion on if you have selected the right sized dog bed for your dog. Your dog will not be able to test all dog beds on the market however. There are some high quality dog bed companies whose products are not in stores. This does not mean that you should discount such dog bed manufactures. One such company, Buddy Beds, does not sell their dog beds in stores because by doing so they would have to mark up their dog bed's prices to cover the middle man fee. Getting in touch with these companies is a good way to find out if their dog bed is right for your dog. Companies whose dog beds are not sold in stores tend to provide personalized customer support because to them, every sale matters.



    Keeping these four tips in mind when sizing a dog bed will help you make the right choice for your dog.



    Choosing the correct size dog bed