Are Memory Foam Bed Only For Dogs? What About Cats!

style="text:underline; text-align:center;>Are Memory Foam Dog Beds Only for Dogs? What About Cats?


You have read about memory foam dog beds, but you do not have a dog. You have a cat, or multiple cats though. Are memory foam dog beds only for dogs, or could your cat benefit from one as well? Your cat (or cats) would love a memory foam bed, even if it was originally designed for a dog. Consider the following five reasons as to why memory foam dog beds are not just for dogs.

Memory Foam Dog Beds are For Cats Too


1. What Is A Memory Foam Cat Bed?

Let us start with the basics. Just what is memory foam? Memory foam is a special type of foam that is designed to react to body heat and weight. When a dog, or in this case, a cat, lies on a bed of memory foam, the foam shapes itself around you cat, all of your cat. If your cat has a leg that sticks out at a funny angle, or she is pregnant, memory foam will shape itself around her leg, and her belly. Memory foam is orthopedic. What that means is that because memory foam shapes itself around the body of your cat, your cat will not develop any pressure points when she sleeps. Imagine if you were to sleep on your left side on the floor. Eventually your left side would start to hurt and/or go to sleep. When you cat sleeps on a bed of memory foam this does not happen. No part of her body will be pushed upon any more than any other part, guaranteeing no pressure points. Dogs are certainly not the only animals who can benefit from such technology. Cats certainly can too!


2. With No Pressure Points Comes Less Pain

Imagine if you woke up every morning pain free, that would be wonderful. Getting your cat a memory foam dog bed can help her wake up pain free. Maybe you have a senior cat. Maybe her bones and joints are sore, maybe she has arthritis? Memory foam dog beds can help fight the pain associated with age related bone and joint issues. Because memory foam eliminates pressure points, none of your cats arteries or veins will be pinched when she sleeps. If your cat sleeps on her right side in a memory foam bed, her blood will continue to fully circulate on that side, even if typically, when she sleeps on the floor, it does not. With full circulation, your cats body will be fully oxygenated. This promotes healthy bones and joints. This also promotes a healthy heart as your cats heart will not have to work as hard to pump blood to all parts of her body since all of her veins and arteries will be fully open.


Senior cats are not the only cats who can benefit from a memory foam dog bed. As mentioned, pregnant cats can benefit from memory foam dog beds, as well as post surgical cats, and even pre surgical cats. When push comes to shove however, there isn't a cat out there who wouldn't enjoy, and hence benefit from a memory foam dog bed.


Memory Foam Dog Beds are For Cats Too





3. Memory Foam Cat Beds -Cats Like To Sleep Where It Is Most Comfortable

It is no secret that cats are suckers for a soft, warm place. Sometimes that place is your couch or your bed, or your best throw pillow. Cats shed, and cats with claws can accidentally tear things as they "soften" where they want to sleep. One way to reduce accidental tears in your favorite blanket, and cat hair on the couch, is to provide your cat with a more comfortable place to sleep. . . a memory foam dog bed. Centralize where you cat sleeps and reduce the amount of cat related wear and tear on your furniture. Memory foam dog beds are also great for senior cats who maybe can not jump onto the couch any more. A bed on the floor that is easy to access and requires very little dexterity to enter and exit can be a great gift for a senior cat.


4. Memory Foam Dog Bed Heaters

Some high quality memory foam dog bed manufactures make heaters that are compatible with their dog beds. Cats love warm places, especially heated beds. Check out for a high quality example of a memory foam dog bed with a compatible heater.


5. Easy Clean Up

Cats are clean animals, especially when compared to dogs, but every now and then your cat needs a little extra help. Because dogs are not self cleaning, many high quality memory foam dog beds are designed to be easily cleaned. Most memory foam dog beds contain a waterproof liner which is sealed around the memory foam of the bed. This protects the bed from everything from smells, dirt, liquids, fleas, and "accidents". That liner is then often surrounded by a removable and washable cover. If your cat were to have an accident in her memory foam dog bed, you could remove the cover, throw it in the washing machine, and wipe down the liner and have the bed cleaned very easily.


Memory Foam Dog Beds are For Cats Too