Memory Foam Dog Beds and Your Dog's Surgery

Your dog needs surgery. Scary, I know.



There are things you can do to make it better for her. One of those things is get your favorite dog a memory foam dog bed. I know what you're thinking; those are just an expensive gimmick, right? Surgery is going to be expensive enough without the purchase of a memory foam dog bed, but consider the following six reasons as to why purchasing your dog a memory foam dog bed will not only benefit her pre and post surgery, but long after she has recovered as well.




1. Pre-surgery



Depending on what kind of surgery your dog is going to have, she may or may not be confined to a small area like a crate or a small room. The vet also may tell you to remove anything from the room that could further injure your dog, and make the room as 'soft' as possible. This is typical for dogs with ACL injuries. A great way to protect your dog from further injuring herself is to place her in a crate with a memory foam dog bed.



2. Why a memory foam dog bed?



Let's start by discussing what memory foam is. Memory foam is a special type of foam that is designed to react to your dog's body weight and body heat. When your dog lies on a dog bed of memory foam the foam is 'activated' and it shapes itself around your dog, all of your dog. If your dog is about to have surgery to remove a painful growth on her leg, her memory foam dog bed shapes itself around that growth. This may sound impressive, but even more impressive than memory foam's ability to shape itself around your dog is the fact that memory foam is an orthopedic dog bed. Orthopedic? I know, everything now a days claims some sort of orthopedic property, right? Well memory foam, true memory foam dog beds , not 'shredded memory foam' or 'high density memory fill' or anything else, is the only substance that is truly orthopedic. What does this mean? It means that when your dog sleeps on a memory foam dog bed, she will not develop any pressure points. That's right, no part of your dog, including the painful growth on her leg, will be pressed upon any more than any other part of her body. Memory foam dog beds are so effective at eliminating pressure points that hospitals use memory foam mattresses in their burn units.



3. Pre-surgery benefits



Supplying your dog with a memory foam dog bed before her surgery does many things. First of all it eases your dog's pain. She will wake up, go to sleep and rest with a minimal amount of pain. Not only that, but a memory foam dog bed will help reduce the chances of her injuring herself even more before her surgery. If your dog is not sleeping on the hard ground, she has fewer chances of sleeping on her injury and hurting it more.



4. Post-surgery - Why Memory Foam Dog Beds Help!



It goes without saying that your dog will be sore after surgery. Obviously having a dog bed that produces no pressure points will help your dog sleep better and recover faster, but what about other surgical complications?



5. The mess



Surgery isn't pretty, and neither is its aftermath. There is a good chance that your dog may bleed, drool, urinate or otherwise leak after surgery. It is also no secret that memory foam dog beds cannot be washed. That's right, once a memory foam dog bed is washed; it loses its ability to react to body weight and heat, effectively ruining it. Suddenly a memory foam dog bed doesn't seem like the ideal bed for a post-surgical dog, right? Wrong.



Most high quality memory foam dog beds are made with waterproof liners. Such memory foam dog bed liners protect the memory foam of the dog bed from soaking up everything from urine, to dirt to smells. The liners encase the memory foam of the dog bed and then soft, washable covers encase the liners. With this type of build, your dog can leak on her dog bed and you can easily clean it up. Buddy Beds, one of the highest quality memory foam dog bed manufactures on the market today, makes their outer covers with extra large zippers for easy removal. They also make the covers of their dog beds to fit in the average home washing machine.



6. Post-recovery



Your dog heals and recovers wonderfully. Now what? Don't get rid of that memory foam dog bed. Depending on the quality of memory foam dog bed, the dog bed can last for several years. This is good because not only will you not need to buy a new dog bed for a long time, but the memory foam dog bed will help your dog wake up feeling refreshed every day. Not only that but the dog bed will also promote good circulation in your dog, helping stave off many age related issues, such as arthritis. The memory foam dog bed will also help your dog live pain free every day, helping your dog stay active and healthy.