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Who needs an Orthopedic Dog Bed?

Older dogs, dogs with arthritis and dogs suffering from degenerative conditions like Canine Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, all share one thing in common - joint pain. Joint pain causes your Buddy to loose mobility, and lowers his/her quality of life. Orthopedic dog beds may help preserve an affected dog's remaining mobility, adding months or perhaps even a few more years to his/her life.

Orthopedic dog beds can also be beneficial to dogs recovering from accidental injury or surgery. When pressure points are eliminated circulation is improved, which aids the healing process.

Even healthy dogs can benefit from the use of orthopedic dog beds. Less time spent on hard surfaces can help prevent some joint problems from taking hold. Consider orthopedic dog beds as part of a proactive program to extend your dogs health well into his senior years.

What are the signs your dog may need an orthopedic dog bed?

    Does your dog display one or more of these signs:

  • Stiffness after laying down
  • Limping/stiffness after exercise or play
  • Slow, ginger movements
  • Difficulty climbing stairs
  • Difficulty jumping
  • Inability to run

These are all classic signs of orthopedic problems such as luxating patellas(bad knee joints) canine hip and elbow dysplasia, spinal problems and arthritis. Dogs displaying these symptoms should not be subjected to laying on hard cold floors which only worsen the symptoms.

What makes a dog bed an 'orthopedic" dog bed?

An orthopedic dog bed is a dog bed that completely eliminates pressure points while providing exceptional support and comfort. "Orthopedic dog beds" are hot right now so many dog beds will say they are orthopedic when they are not. Memory foam is the ONLY material known to man that completely eliminates pressure points -- period!

Ordinary dog beds usually use fiber fill for cushioning. Fiber fill is great for a while, but it quickly packs down with repeated use and washings creating pressure points - no longer providing the required comfort or support. Buddy Bed Dog Bed's orthopedic memory foam dog beds make use of the highest quality memory foam to provide excellent cushioning and the elimination of pressure points for dogs with joint pain. Pets arise less stiff, since those painful pressure points are now completely and totally eliminated!!

How do I know what size orthopedic memory foam dog bed to choose for my dog?

Choosing the perfect size orthopedic dog bed is actually a matter of personal preference or the size dog bed your Buddy has been used to. Every dog/cat is different. First we recommend measuring the size of the current dog bed your dog has been using and likes. Then choose a similar size orthopedic dog bed from Buddy Bed Dog Beds. If space allows, we allows recommend getting the large size -- that way your dog has lots of space to get comfortable. Just a tip: I am very visual. It helps to lay a tape measure down on the floor in the dimensions of the Buddy Bed Dog Bed you are considering -- it will give you a good idea of what the size will look like.

Why does Buddy Bed Dog Beds place the memory foam on supporting foam?

If we just used memory foam ALONE in our orthopedic dog beds, the longer your dog rests or sleeps on the dog bed he/she will slowly sink deeper and deeper into the dog bed until ultimately your dog sinks all the way to the floor creating a pressure point -- defeating the whole purpose of the memory foam. By the way, this is called 'bottoming out'.

Memory foam is the only material known to man that completely eliminates those painful, painful pressure points. That is why hospitals and burn units for years have used memory foam for us humans -- since our pressure points become bed sores. To solve the problem of 'bottoming out', the memory foam is placed upon supporting foam. This is such a critical step -yet a very expensive step- that is why most memory foam dog beds do not take this important step.

Buddy Bed Dog Beds takes the 2 inches of quality memory foam and permanently glues it to 3 inches of quality supporting foam (for a total of a 5 inch deep dog bed). This supporting foam prevents your dog from sinking through the dog bed, while allowing the memory foam to completely mold and shape to your dog's body -- providing the maximum comfort and support.

Then Why Do Other Memory Foam Dog Beds Cost Less Than Buddy Beds Memory Foam Dog Beds?

There are a number of reasons.

Did you know that some memory foam manufacturers can take the scrap or defective memory foam and re-grind the memory foam? This reground memory foam is a ridiculously inexpensive, cut rate memory foam that some dog bed manufacturers use to keep the price so low.

But just as in all things when you cut corners, this memory foam does not last. Over time is begins to crumble and disintegrate. They may 'guarantee' their dog beds - we guarantee you will need to use that guarantee. Yet, more importantly, during the time your dog is using this inferior memory foam dog bed -- they are not receiving the support and comfort they need (and deserve) had you had put them a quality grade memory foam dog bed.

Here are some other ways:

This is interesting quote from an article on how memory foam manufacturers can cut corners:

"Now a word of caution. When you are researching memory foam, you need to be careful what foam you buy. In my research into memory foam suppliers, I was horrified at the different insider stories I heard, such as manufacturers putting inexpensive fillers (like sand, etc.) into foam to save money, rather than using the more expensive materials used in making true memory foam."

"I also was cautioned about manufacturers who unload bad pours of foam on unsuspecting customers in order to recoup their costs in pouring this foam." . . and . . ."And, like all things, if the price seems too good, it may well be an indication that something isn't right and the foam may not be up to the advertised specifications."

Read the whole article on: Quality Shortcuts Memory Foam Manufacturers Can Take

Remember, there are definite reasons that certain memory foam dog beds cost so little.

Many have attempted to duplicate our orthopedic memory foam dog beds - yet, none have replicated our dog beds.


Is it true that memory foam made in the USA is a better quality and safer memory foam?

Buddy Beds has Brought Our Manufacturing Back to the USA

Although our products manufactured in China are of the highest quality (Please read below regarding our China Manufacturing) - the economic climate has now changed that we are able to cost-effectively manufacture in the USA!! Our new products just added this year are all made in the USA. Our Memory Foam is CERTIFIED non-toxic by CertiPur -- we proudly carry their logo. The memory foam used in the following products will be Non-Toxic Certipur made in the USA:
  • Bolster Beds
  • Luxury Memory Foam Buddy Bed
  • Memory Foam Buddy Bed
  • Gel-Infused Memory Foam Buddy Beds
  • Hunting Camouflage Beds
  • Hunting Camouflage Crate Pads

      Why does Buddy Bed Dog Beds make dog beds in only the rectangular shape?

      At one time Buddy Bed Dog Beds made both rectangular and round dog beds. We did a number of studies and found some interesting discoveries.

      With a rectangular dog bed, no matter which position your dog is sleeping or resting in, the hips and shoulder are ALWAYS supported by the memory foam. That is not the case with a round dog bed -- often the shoulders and head flop off the bed (should they sleep in a stretched out position) which leaves only the hips on the memory foam. In addition, such a position distorts the spine.

      Since it is so critically important that the hips and and shoulders be supported at all times by the memory foam -- Buddy Bed Dog Beds made the decision to manufacturer only rectangular dog beds.

      What are my fabric choices?

    • Microfiber - microfibers are wonderful fabrics for dog beds! They are durable, long lasting, and easily washed. We went to great lengths to find a quality microfiber from which dog hair can be easily removed -- just wipe the dog bed with a slightly damp cloth and the dog hair will come right off. Some of the cheaper microfibers -- it is humanly impossible to get the dog hair off once it get on the cover.

    • Sherpa - otherwise know as faux sheepskin

    • SuperSoft Fleece - this amazingly soft fleece is actually a fleece for baby products so you can imagine how soft it is. Anti-pill and easily washable.

    • Crypton -Crypton is an extraordinary fabric which is waterproof, anti-bacterial and stays clean naturally. Crypton fabric repels the coat oil ensuring the bed will never smell. It is machine washable, yet you will rarely need to wash this cover. Available in 4 designer colors.

      Buddy Bed Dog Beds uses the finest quality fabrics for our dog bed covers we can find available in today's marketplace.

      Check our shopping cart for the current color choices.

      My dog sleeps in the bed with me, why should I buy an expensive orthopedic dog bed?

      You may be asking yourself, why should I provide my dog a bed, when his ancestors slept outside. . .or my Buddy sleeps with me in my bed? A dog bed provides a place for your dog to call his own where he can routinely nest. Having a place of his own helps your dog feel safe and protected. An orthopedic dog bed also keeps your dog warm and comfortable while relieving painful pressure points. Floors are hard and cold. Dog beds are warm, soft and fluffy. If you train your dog properly, you can train him to sleep on his bed and stay off your bed and your furniture. Of course, many people prefer to allow their dogs on their furniture. Sleeping with your dog can add wonderful bonding time to your relationship. Allowing your dog on the couch with you can also strengthen your bond as it allows for extra cuddling time. Remember, dogs are pack animals and prefer to stay close to their pack members.

      Where do I place my orthopedic memory foam dog bed?

      Ask five different dog owners where they place their dog beds, and you may get five different answers. The key is to make sure your dog sleeps in an area that is away from drafts and hot spots and out of high traffic areas. You want your dog to feel safe and protected while he/she is sleeping.

      Some owners have dog beds located throughout the house, so that their dogs have several choices where to sleep and many comfortable spots to lie down.

      Are Buddy Bed Dog Beds chew proof?

      Buddy Beds are made with the highest quality materials on the market and designed to last. However, there is nothing available that is truly chew proof. Chewing is a habit that must be stopped on all accounts. Dogs can chew through wood and car tires if you let them. Buddy Bed Dog Beds warranty does not cover chewing, nor excessive scratching.

      Question: Is Buddy Bed Dog Beds the manufacturer of their dog beds?

      Yes, we are the manufacturer of our dog beds. We control the quality and workmanship. Buddy Beds Dog Beds refuses to sacrifice any aspect of quality in our memory foam dog beds.

      Are Buddy Bed Dog Beds sold in retail stores?

      No, Buddy Bed Dog Beds are only sold on our website and in some select catalogs. It is our desire to have Buddy Bed Dog Beds be available at a price point where people can afford them. If Buddy Bed Dog Beds were sold in retail stores it would add an additional layer of cost to our dog beds.