Memory Foam Dog Beds and Healthy Dogs

Can your dog's bed actually help lead a healthier life?



Well it depends on the bed. If your dog’s bed is a memory foam dog bed, then the answer is yes. It is an orthopedic dog bed. Memory foam dog beds are designed to promote healthy dogs. Don’t believe me? Consider the following five reasons as to why a memory foam dog bed could help your dog lead a healthier life.



Memory Foam Dog Beds Can Make Your Dog Healthier



What is a memory foam dog bed?


Let’s start at the beginning. Memory foam is a special type of foam that is designed to react to the body heat and body weight of your dog. When your dog lies on a dog bed of memory foam, that dog bed shapes itself around the curves and points of your dog’s body. Because a memory foam dog bed is able to do this, your dog will feel no pressure points when lying in her orthopedic memory foam dog bed. What’s a pressure point? You’ve had them. Have your legs ever fallen asleep? Have you ever developed pins and needles from lying in the same place for too long? Have you ever developed an ache or pain in your neck from sleeping at the wrong angle? All of these things are pressure points, and your dog can develop them just as well as you. Memory foam dog beds prevent these things from forming. Because memory foam stops pressure points from forming, they can be considered orthopedic. In fact, orthopedic memory foam dog beds are so effective at preventing pressure points from forming, hospitals use memory foam mattresses in their burn wards.



2. Memory Foam Dog Beds are Orthopedic Dog Beds


So what if memory foam dog bed is orthopedic, right? Wrong. When your dog lies on memory foam dog bed, no part of her is pressed upon any more than any other part. Let’s say that your dog usually sleeps on her right side on the floor. The weight of her body is pressing down on her right side. That weight pushes down on her arteries and veins, slightly or entirely obstructing them. What this means is that your dog’s heart has to work harder to get blood to those areas where the vessels are obstructed. Her heart may not be able to work hard enough, or maybe the arteries are so smashed, the blood and hence oxygen cannot reach their destination. What this means is that your dog’s body is not getting the full amount of oxygen it needs, and her heart is having to work harder than it should while she is sleeping.


When your dog sleeps on memory foam however, her arteries and veins are not pushed upon. They are not smashed or slightly compressed. Blood can circulate through your dog’s body without extra effort from heart, and all parts of her get the full amount of oxygen that they need.



Memory Foam Dog Beds Can Make Your Dog Healthier



3. Joints and bones and full oxygenation with Memory Foam Dog Beds


Your dog’s body repairs itself at night. To repair itself, your dog’s body needs oxygen. Many dogs, and in particular, large breed dogs, can have joint issues. Senior dogs tend to have arthritis. These issues can be lessened if your dog’s body receives full circulation. If your large breed dog’s joints get full circulation at night, then they can repair themselves better, and stay healthy longer. If your dog has arthritis and she gets the full amount of oxygen she needs to her bones, then that can help keep combat the disease. Not only does full oxygenation to the bones and joints help keep your dog healthy, but it helps keep her pain free as well.



4. Memory Foam Dog Beds are Pain free


If your dog has chronic pain, getting her a memory foam dog bed will help fight that pain. With no part of her body being pressed upon any more than any other part, and with no new pressure points developing while she sleeps, your dog is more likely to wake up in the morning feeling rested and good. If your dog wakes up pain free she is more likely to want to go outside and play, or go on a walk. Dogs that are active tend to have less health issues down the line. If your dog walks or plays every day, she is more likely to maintain a healthy weight. Dogs who are at a healthy weight are less prone to obesity. Obesity can lead to a medley of other health issues in dogs. Obese dogs are more prone to heart, lung, joint and bone issues, as well as diabetes.



5. Memory Foam Dog Beds are Clean Dog Beds


Memory foam dog beds are much easier to keep clean than other dog beds. In fact, Buddy Beds, one of the top memory foam dog bed manufactures on the market today, designs their beds with a protective dog bed liner which prevents the memory foam dog bed from soaking up odors, liquids, dirt, bugs and allergens. If your dog has sensitive skin or allergies, a memory foam dog bed with a hypoallergenic liner can help her keep healthy. Such dog bed liners also can also prevent fleas and ticks from burrowing into your dog’s bed and resurfacing later.








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