How to Buy the Ideal Orthopedic Dog Bed

How to Buy the Ideal Memory Foam Dog Bed


In this economy, if you are going to buy something, you want to make sure it is exactly what you want. Better yet, you want the product to be not only exactly what you want, but you also want it to be a long term investment. I remember stories of my grandmother ironing paper bags so she and her family could reuse them during the Great Depression. If a paper bag can be reused over and over again, your dog's bed should be able to last as well. If you are going to take the step to get your dog a bed, get her a bed that is not only top quality, but that will last her life time. Consider the following four features to look for in a high quality, well built dog bed.


Dogs Love Memory Foam Dog Beds
  1. What is built to last?

    The first question is, what kind of dog beds are built to last? If you are going to pay the money to buy a dog bed, don't get your dog a bed that you will need to replace every year. The first step in avoiding low quality dog beds is to avoid discount beds. In terms of discount dog dog beds, you get what you pay for. Any dog bed that is designed with stuffing is not built to last. Imagine your throw pillows on your couch. Do you think that those are meant to withstand heavy daily use? Sure they can look nice on your couch, but if you slept on your throw pillows every night you can imagine that the stuffing would start to flatten out or clump or mat, right? Well the same can be said about your dog's stuffed dog bed. If your dog sleeps on a stuffed dog bed every night, that stuffing is going to stop acting like stuffing pretty quickly. Instead of sleeping on a padded dog bed, your dog will essentially be just sleeping on some cloth on top of the floor. You want to avoid all stuffed dog beds.


  3. Memory Foam

    While there are a variety of alternate dog bed fillers on the market, but the filler you really want to consider is memory foam. A memory foam dog bed is going to be the best dog bed for your dog. You've probably heard of orthopedic dog beds, or cedar filled dog beds, or egg crate foam dog beds, or high density fill dog beds, or whatever. Just know that while the above mentioned dog beds are going to be better than a traditional stuffed dog bed, they will not be as good as a memory foam dog bed. A memory foam dog bed is guaranteed to prevent your dog from developing pressure points while she sleeps. What this means is that memory foam is the most orthopedic substance on the market, and it is the only dog bed filler on the market that will prevent your dog from developing pressure points 100% of the time. In fact, memory foam dog beds are the number one recommended dog beds by vets for dogs with chronic pain. If you want to buy your dog a bed that is worth your money, you don't want to buy anything but a memory foam dog bed.


  5. High Quality vs. Low Quality Memory Foam

    As with anything, there are both high quality memory foam dog beds and low quality memory foam dog beds. High quality memory foam will 'retain its memory for longer' so to say, than low quality memory foam. You see, memory foam is a special type of foam that is designed to react to body heat and body weight. When your dog lies on a memory foam dog bed, that memory foam changes so that it shapes itself to the exact curves of your dog's body, eliminating pressure points. High quality memory foam will continue to react like this use after use, while low quality foam will not. When shopping for a memory foam dog bed, know that any memory foam that is rated at 3lbs or higher is considered high quality memory foam. Any memory foam that is related less than 3lbs is considered low quality memory foam. Buddy Beds, a memory foam dog bed manufacturer, makes their beds out of 3lb- 5lb memory foam and they state that their beds will hence outlast 10 traditional dog beds. If you are going to pay to buy a memory foam dog bed, getting a dog bed that is designed to last at least a decade is not a bad way to go.


  7. Liners

    Another thing you want to look for when shopping for memory foam dog beds is whether or not the dog bed is designed with an internal liner. Memory foam cannot be washed, and as a result all memory foam dog beds should be built with internal waterproof liners. These liners protect the memory from odors and any accidents your dog may have. These liners dramatically increase the life span of the dog bed. Do not even consider a memory foam dog bed that has not been built with an internal liner. It will get ruined the moment it gets wet.
Dogs love memory foam dog beds