Tips on Buying a Dog Bed for your Incontinent Dog

Incontinence can affect dogs of all breeds, genders, and ages



While incontinence can affect dogs of all breeds, genders, and ages, incontinence tends to affect older dogs, particularly older female dogs. As dogs age, as with any animal, their health starts to deteriorate. Health problems tend to build off of each other. Arthritis can lead to obesity and obesity can lead to diabetes and diabetes can lead to incontinence. This isn't to say that your dog has to be in poor health to be incontinent. Some dogs are naturally incontinent without any other medical problems. However, no matter how your dog came about her incontinence, it is difficult for you as an owner to watch your best friend struggle through it, and other health problems. It is also difficult for you as an owner to deal with the real world implications of your dog's deteriorating health. It is frustrating to have to clean dog urine from your carpet on a daily basis. It is frustrating to have to keep buying new dog beds because your arthritic dog has dribbled on them while sleeping. There is a way, not to cure your dog's incontinence, but to curb your frustration with it. Buy your dog a dog bed that is built for incontinent dogs. It will save you time, money and frustration.



Buddy Beds Memory Foam Dog Beds for Incontinent Dogs

Why get your incontinent dog a dog bed?


I know what you are thinking. Your dog is just going to ruin her new bed. Buying an incontinent dog a dog bed is a waste of time. You have already thrown out several dog beds because they smell, and dog beds with urine in them certainly smell. However, think about if you could control where your dog had her accidents. If you could contain them to a certain area, like where she slept, the impact of her incontinence would be reduced. No more cleaning carpets or pillows, or the couch, or heaven forbid, your bed, because your dog had an accident. Buying a dog bed that your dog actually wants to sleep in can help you reduce the number of places she has her accident. Yes, she will be having her accidents in her bed, but there are beds made to handle accidents.



How can a dog bed be made to withstand dog urine?


It would be false to claim that there is a dog bed out there that is 100% immune to dog urine. All dog beds that are made of fabric will in some way absorb urine. However, who says that your dog's entire bed has to be made of fabric? There are dog beds on the market that encase the 'meat', so to speak, of their beds in waterproof liners. What this means is that the stuffing, foam, or memory foam is sealed in a waterproof/breathable liner. Waterproof/breathable liners keep out urine. If urine ca'’t get into the foam or stuffing of your dog's bed, the foam and stuffing will have a hard time soaking up that pleasant dog urine smell. Simply stated, waterproof linings prevent dog beds from not only soaking up urine and other liquids, but they help prevent the bed from soaking up odors as well.



iBuddy Beds Have Dog Beds for Incontinent Dogs

The dog bed covers


Obviously your dog does not want to sleep on a bed that is covered with solely a waterproof lining. Dog beds made with a waterproof lining come with removable, washable covers. When shopping for a bed with a waterproof/breathable lining, consider what kind of cover it has. Will the cover fit into your washing machine? Is it easy to take on and off? Will your dog actually want to sleep on a dog bed cover made of an itchy fabric?



Urine resistant beds need to be comfortable


It is great to have a dog bed that will not soak up urine, but if your dog won't sleep in the bed, then you have wasted your money. You have two basic options when considering dog beds, stuffed dog beds and dog beds made of memory foam. Memory foam dog beds will be more comfortable and last longer than ordinary stuffed dog beds, but they tend to be, particularly the high quality memory foam dog beds, more expensive than ordinary dog beds. However, most dogs will choose to sleep in a memory foam dog bed than an ordinary dog bed. This is because true memory foam dog beds are orthopedic. Orthopedic beds eliminate pressure points, something that is very appealing to arthritic dogs. Consider Buddy Beds memory foam dog beds. All Buddy Beds Dog Beds For Incontinent Dogs dog beds encase their memory foam in a waterproof/breathable liner. All Buddy Beds dog beds come with an outer removable and washable cover. Buddy Beds also offers covers made of fleece, denim and microfiber, giving your dog the most options. Put yourself in your dog's position. Would you rather sleep on the discount dog bed, or the dog bed made of memory foam? If you get your dog a comfortable bed, and your dog sleeps in the bed, you have greatly reduced the number of places that your dog might sleep and have an accident. You've just saved yourself a lot of time. Think of all of the things you can do now that you aren't cleaning your carpets every day.




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Buddy Beds Have Dog Beds for Incontinent Dogs