Dog Bed Liners for Incontinent Dogs

Memory Foam Dog Bed Waterproof Liners for Incontinent Dogs


You’re considering getting your dog a memory foam dog bed. You’re doing the research. No doubt you have come to learn that some memory foam dog beds are made with protective liners and others aren’t. So, what’s the big deal about protective dog bed liners? Does a memory foam dog bed actually need a waterproof liner, or are dog bed liners just another way for memory foam dog bed manufactures to jack up their prices? Consider the following six points as to why your memory foam dog bed needs a protective liner.


waterproof memory foam dog bed liners 1. The construction of a memory foam dog bed


There are a few basic parts of a memory foam dog bed. First there is the memory foam. If the bed is a high quality dog bed, glued to the memory foam is supportive backing foam. Then, if the dog bed is high quality again, the memory foam and the supportive backing foam are wrapped in a waterproof liner. This liner is not removable. The liner is not designed for your dog to lie on it directly. As a result, the last part of a memory foam dog bed is the outer cover. The cover of the dog bed is what your dog lies on. The dog bed cover encases the liner, which encases memory foam, the supportive backing foam. If the dog bed is high quality the cover can be removed from the rest of the dog bed and washed.


  • 2. Memory foam and your washing machine

    Perhaps the biggest reason as to why some memory foam dog bed manufactures wrap their memory foam beds in a liner is that memory foam cannot be washed. Memory foam is a special type of foam that is designed to react to body heat and body weight. Once washed the memory foam loses its ability to react to body heat and weight, rendering it no longer orthopedic.


    As any dog owner knows, dogs are not always the cleanest of animals. They go outside, they play in the mud, in the water, in the dirt. They get gross and sometimes they need to be washed. There is no way that a dog’s bed is going to stay pristine. In fact, that bed will probably soak up a lot of dirt and water. Most dog bed owners report that they have to throw out their dog’s bed not because the bed was worn out, but because it smelled so badly that the owners did not want it in the house any more. Throwing out a cheap dog bed is one thing, but memory foam beds are not cheap. The liner of a memory foam dog bed is designed to prevent the memory foam of the bed from soaking up water, dirt, and smells. The liner extends the life of the memory foam dog bed, and it keeps the bed cleaner and better smelling.



  • 3. Waterproof Dog Bed Liners

    There are different types of memory foam dog bed liners available. The most basic type of liner is a waterproof liner. Waterproof liners prevent liquids – water, snow, urine, etc. – from soaking into the memory foam. Liquids can ruin memory foam, and they can cause the memory foam to smell. Waterproof liners also often prevent dirt and bugs from getting into the memory foam. If your dog is a flea or tick magnet, the liner of their memory foam bed should stop the bugs from nesting and ruining the memory foam. Fleas will still burrow into the outer cover of the bed, but the covers are designed to be washed. The liners should also keep dirt out of the memory foam. Liners will not only help the bed smell better, but liners will also prevent the bed from accumulating dirt.



    waterproof memory foam dog bed liners
  • 4. Hypoallergenic dog bed liners

    Some high quality liners are also hypoallergenic. Such liners can be very helpful for dogs with sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic liners do not trap allergens in the memory foam. Once again the outer covers will keep allergens, but those can be easily washed.



  • 5. Waterproof and breathable dog bed liners

    The highest quality of liners will not only be waterproof (and hypoallergenic) but also breathable. Waterproof/breathable liners may seem like an oxymoron, but it isn’t. New technology has allowed top quality memory foam dog bed manufactures, such as Buddy Beds, design and patent waterproof/breathable liners. No doubt you are wondering what the purpose of such a technologically advanced liner is. Memory foam needs air flow to maintain its loft. The loft of memory foam is what allows it to continue to react to your dog’s body weight and temperature after repeated use. Memory foam sealed in a waterproof/breathable liner will out last memory foam sealed in only a waterproof liner.



  • 6. The best dog bed liner

    The ultimate liner is a liner that is not only waterproof, but also hypoallergenic and also breathable. Obviously a memory foam dog bed with such a liner will cost more than one with just a waterproof liner, or a bed with no liner at all, but a bed with a hypoallergenic, waterproof, and breathable liner will outlast any other bed on the market.



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