Kitty Bubbles - Soap Bubbles with Catnip

Kitty Bubbles - Soap Bubbles with Catnip

Yes, we make dog beds. . but our beds work for cats too!

Kitty Bubbles

1 Small bottle of NON-TOXIC bubbles

Catnip essential oil

Add a few drops of th catnip essential oil to the bubble solution. You can add more or less depending on your cat's reaction.

I suggest testing the bubbles on your cat by blowing them into the air and looking to see your cat's reaction. If your cat reacts, then you have the perfect recipe for your Buddy. If not, add a few more drops until you notice a reaction. Each cat is different, so play with the amount of oil until you get the right mixture for your beloved Buddy.

Tip: You can purchase catnip essential oil at health food stores and online.

Have fun and enjoy being playful!