Memory Foam Dog Beds: 6 Things You Need to Know About Memory Foam

The Important Facts When Shopping For a Memory Foam Dog Bed



You've been shopping around for a new bed for your dog. You've come across several varieties of dog beds, but there is one type that keeps catching your eye - memory foam dog beds. You've got questions though, and We've got answers. Below are the answers to six commonly asked questions about memory foam dog beds.




1. What Is A Memory Foam Dog Bed?



Perhaps the most common of all memory foam questions, what exactly is memory foam? Well, memory foam is essentially a special type of foam that is designed to react to your dog's body heat and weight. When your dog lies down on a memory foam dog bed, the foam will actually shape itself to your dog's body. What this does is evenly distribute your dog's weight across all of her body. So, if she normally sleeps with most of her weight on her left shoulder, the memory foam will take that weight and spread it out evenly across her entire body. This effectively eliminates any and all pressure points your dog might feel when she sleeps.



2. No Pressure Points? So What?



Because memory foam eliminates all pressure points from its user, it is considered orthopedic. No other substance is known to eliminate pressure points like memory foam. In fact, memory foam is so good at preventing pressure points from forming that hospitals make their burn ward mattresses from memory foam. One thing that is important to remember when shopping for orthopedic dog beds is that only memory foam dog beds are orthopedic. Anything other type of dog bed fill - high-density fill, foam, shredded memory foam (memory foam must be intact to react to body heat and weight), water, wood, etc. - is not orthopedic. Many companies who make their dog beds out of the above mentioned items will often claim that their beds are 'orthopedic like', but buyer beware, only memory foam dog beds are orthopedic dog beds.



3. What Does an Orthopedic Dog Bed Mean For My Dog?



Orthopedic dog beds help all dogs. Even if your dog is not sick or injured, she can still benefit from an orthopedic dog bed. Imagine if you were to have slept on the ground your entire life. Even if you were in perfect health, you can imagine that your back and neck and entire body would just start to hurt at an earlier age. After years of sleeping on a cold hard surface, your body would start to wear out faster. The same can be said for your dog. Just because she can sleep on the ground doesn't mean that sleeping on the ground is good for her. If you want your dog to stay healthier for longer, get her an orthopedic dog bed at a young age.



4. Can a Memory Foam Dog Bed Help My Arthritic Dog?



YES! While all dogs can benefit from an orthopedic dog bed, arthritic dogs can especially benefit. You see, when a dog develops arthritis, the cartilage in their joints begins to disappear. That cartilage does two very important things. One, it helps the joints slide over each other without the bones rubbing against each other Two, it produces lubricant that helps the joints move smoothly. While an orthopedic dog bed cannot reverse the arthritic process, it can slow it. Because orthopedic dog beds prevent pressure points from developing, your dog's blood can move to all parts of her body easily while she sleeps. As a result her joints are getting the full amount of oxygen and nutrients they need, helping them produce lubrication for longer. This does not reverse the deterioration of her cartilage, but it helps slow it.




5. Can I Wash a Memory Foam Dog Bed?



No, memory foam dog beds cannot be washed. If you were to look at a piece of memory foam under a microscope you would see thousands of tiny bubbles. In order to make foam, memory foam, inert gas bubbles are forced into the foam. These bubbles get stuck in the foam, essentially forming memory foam. These bubbles help the foam react and shape to your dog's body. These bubbles, however, trap water. If you were to get a piece of memory foam wet, water would work its way into these bubbles, and get stuck. It takes many days to weeks for memory foam to dry naturally, and by the time it does dry, most often mold has started to grow inside the memory foam dog bed. This mold cannot be removed and it will smell. You cannot put memory foam in a washing machine or dryer either because it is so delicate that it will shred.



6. Can I Keep A Memory Foam Dog Bed Clean?



Yes. High quality memory foam dog bed manufactures know that memory foam cannot be washed, and they also know that dogs are not the cleanest of animals. As a result, may manufactures design their memory foam dog beds with a liner that is sealed around the memory foam. Such liners, at a minimum, will prevent liquids from reaching the memory foam. Some high quality memory foam dog bed manufactures, like Buddy Beds, also design their liners to be not only waterproof, but breathable, anti-dust mite, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-static. These liners prevent the memory foam dog bed from soaking up liquids and smells, keeping the memory foam clean.