Premium Waterproof Liners for Dog Beds

Our Waterproof Liners Keeps Your Dog Bed Free from:

  • Liquids
  • Stains
  • Odors.

  • You care about your dog's health and comfort -- that is why you have invested in a Buddy Bed. Protect your investment and extend the life of your memory foam dog bed by purchasing a waterproof protective liner.

    Sadly many of our older dogs are incontinent. And just one accident can ruin a dog bed forever. Most dog beds are made of materials that will absorb liquids, making it difficult to clean and remove odors.

    Our liners not only keeps your dog's bed free from moisture and they help fight allergies. This vapor-permeable material we use in the liners allow the interior of the dog bed to breathe which also prevents the possibility of mildew.

    This liner helps keep the environment of your dog's bed clean and sanitary. Our protective liner creates a impermeable barrier around the dog bed, preventing the bed from absorbing dander, the food source of allergy-causing dust mites.

    A waterproof liner prevents your foam dog bed from picking up odors over time. The reason most foam dog beds are discarded is because they begin to smell - the porous memory foam has soaked up all sorts of things -drool, urine, etc. Once a foam dog bed begins to smell, there is really nothing that can be done other than to discard the foam dog bed since it cannot be washed.

    These liners may be used to protect any dog bed - not just Buddy Beds.

    Keep your dog comfortable while protecting your investment with a waterproof dog bed liner.

    Note: When you purchase a Buddy Bed Memory Foam Dog Bed, it comes with a waterproof liner. Yet, because our Buddy Bed Memory Foam Dog Beds last for YEARS. . .many of you have requested we sell replacement liners for those of your who would like to freshen up their Buddy Beds. Yet, bear in mind. . .our Dog Bed Protector Waterproof Liners will work on ANY dog bed or cat bed. . not just a Buddy Bed.

    Product Details (Order Below)

    Our waterproof liners are made of the same high performance fabrics you find in backpacks, tents, and ski jackets. This liner prevents liquids and odors from being absorbed into the dog bed. This waterproof liner keeps your dog bed:

    • anti-bacterial
    • anti-microbial
    • anti-dust mite

    Machine wash gentle. Air dry. USA and Imported.

    Note: Many say their fabrics are 'water resistant'. Buddy Beds uses the finest waterproof fabrics available and we are willing to pay more for these quality fabrics. They are sold to us by the fabric manufacturer as being 'waterproof'. Please be aware, any waterproof fabric (other than plastic or rubber) will allow some moisture to pass through in time if liquids are left on the waterproof fabric continuously. Again think of your backpacks, ski jackets, tents, etc.


    Medium - 40" X 28" X 6"

    Large - 48" X 36" X 6"

    Extra Large - 54" X 36" X 6"