5 Tips-What to Look For in a Memory Foam Dog Bed

What features do you need, and which are just gimmicks?



You want to get your dog a memory foam dog bed. What features do you need, and which are just gimmicks? There are a lot of memory foam dog beds on the market today and it can be hard to navigate the advertising ploys. The following five points should help you buy the best memory foam dog bed for your dog.



What to Look For in a Memory Foam Dog Bed
  1. Do You Want Real Memory Foam?


    The question you first need to ask yourself is, do you want to buy a real memory foam dog bed? Memory foam is the only known substance that is orthopedic. Memory foam is a special type of foam that is designed to react to your dog's body heat and body weight. When your dog lies on a dog bed of memory foam the foam will react to their body and shape itself around them. When it does this it effectively takes the all of her body weight and spreads it evenly across their whole body. What this means is that memory foam eliminates pressure points. The elimination of pressure points is what constitutes memory foam as an orthopedic dog bed. Only true, intact memory foam can eliminate pressure points, so only true intact memory foam can be an orthopedic dog bed.



  3. Memory Foam Sounds Great! Why Wouldn't I Want It?


    The catch to memory foam is that it can be considered expensive. NASA scientists originally designed memory foam in the 1960's, and while its price for personal use has come down drastically since the 1960's, it is still not cheap. As a result, many dog bed manufactures do not want to pay to use memory foam in their dog beds. These same dog bed manufactures still want to appeal to those who would like to buy their dog an orthopedic dog bed though, so they will often market non-orthopedic dog beds as 'orthopedic like' or containing 'orthopedic like properties'. Such dog beds, whether made of shredded memory foam (memory foam must be intact to react to your dog's body heat and weight), wood chips, high-density foam, gel, water, or whatever, are not orthopedic for dog beds. While price is always a factor in anything you buy, make sure that you buy the type of dog bed you think you are buying and not just a cheap knock off.



    What to Look For in a Memory Foam Dog Bed



  5. Supportive Backing Foam


    If you decide that you do want to get your dog an orthopedic memory foam dog bed be sure the dog bed you choose comes with supportive backing foam. Supportive backing foam is essentially the box spring for your dog's bed. Imagine if you were to sleep on a mattress without a box spring. Eventually you would sink so far into the mattress that you would come into contact with the floor below you. The same thing will happen to your dog if she sleeps in a dog bed solely made of memory foam. She will sink into that memory foam so far that eventually she will compress the memory foam to the floor below her, and the moment she does that that memory foam dog bed is no longer an orthopedic dog bed. She will begin to develop pressure points.



  7. High Quality Liner


    What to Look For in a Memory Foam Dog Bed



    Another important part of a memory foam dog bed is the liner. Memory foam cannot be washed. Once it is washed it loses its ability to react to body heat and body weight. Once this happens it is obviously no longer an orthopedic dog bed. Now, we all know that dogs aren't always the cleanest of creatures. On the surface it seems that a memory foam dog bed might not be the best idea. There are certain memory foam dog bed manufactures however, like Buddy Beds, who design their memory foam dog beds with not only supportive backing foam, but a protective liner. Such liners stop everything from urine to water to mud from reaching the memory foam, but allow air to penetrate the lining. You see, a liner that is solely waterproof will end up ruining the memory foam in the long run. Memory foam needs airflow to maintain its loft. Without airflow the memory foam will eventually stop reacting to your dog's body heat and weight, rendering the memory foam no longer an orthopedic dog bed. Some manufactures will even design their liners to be hypoallergenic, preventing allergens from living in your dog's bed and irritating you and your family.



  9. Washable Covers


    Now such liners as described are not meant to be lied on directly by your dog, which is the reason most manufactures design their dog beds with a washable cover. These covers cover the liner and are soft and fluffy for your dog to lie upon. If your dog has an accident (maybe she wets the bed or tracks a bunch of mud into her bed) you can remove the cover and simply wash it. Some manufactures even design their dog bed covers to fit in a standard home washing machine.



    What to Look For in a Memory Foam Dog Bed