What To Look For In a Memory Foam Dog Bed

What are important features in a memory foam dog bed?



In some cases it depends on what you want for your dog, but there are some basic features which are necessary in order for a memory foam dog bed to function and last. The five following points highlight features which every memory foam dog bed should have, but not all do. What



1. Memory Foam For The Dog Bed



While memory foam might seem like an obvious necessity in a memory foam dog bed, there are many 'memory foam like' dog beds which are not made out of actual memory foam. Invented by NASA scientists in the 1960's, memory foam is a special type of foam that is designed to react to your dog's body heat and weight. When your dog lies on a dog bed of memory foam, the memory foam shapes itself to your dog's body. When this reaction occurs, your dog's weight is evenly distributed across her body, effectively eliminating pressure points. Memory foam is the only substance that can eliminate pressure points. Any other substance - cedar chips, high density memory fill, egg crate foam, gel, water, and even shredded memory foam (memory foam must be intact to react), and everything else, cannot eliminate pressure points. So, if you want to get your dog a memory foam dog bed that eliminates pressure points, you need to get your dog a dog bed made out of real memory foam.



2. Supportive Backing Foam



Another necessity in a memory foam dog bed is supportive backing foam. Imagine you were to sleep on a mattress without a box spring below it. Eventually you would sink so far into the mattress that you would come into contact with the floor below the mattress. The same thing can be said about a memory foam dog bed. If your dog were to sleep in a dog bed of memory foam, and the dog bed had no supportive backing foam, your dog would sink so far into the foam that she would eventually compress the memory to the floor below her. Once this happens she will start to develop pressure points. Do not consider dog beds without supportive backing foam cannot, and do not, prevent pressure points from developing.



3. Internal Liner for the Memory Foam Dog Bed



Memory foam cannot be washed. To make memory foam, thousands of inert gas bubbles are forced into the foam. These bubbles help the memory foam shape to your dog's body. A downside to these bubbles is that they trap water. Once water gets into the bubbles it can take weeks for the memory foam to dry. Once the memory foam does dry, mold will have started to grow in it. Memory foam is too delicate to put into a washing machine or dryer. Doing so will shred the memory foam.


Because memory foam cannot be washed, a memory foam dog bed must come with a liner. If it does not have a liner, the dog bed will ruin very easily. The liner should, at a minimum, be waterproof.


The most basic of memory foam dog bed liners is waterproof, but ideally the liner will also be breathable. You see, in order for memory foam dog be to spring back after your dog has slept on it, it needs airflow. Airflow helps the memory foam retain its loft. Without loft, the memory foam will, after several uses, cease to react to your dog's body heat and body weight, and this will cause her to develop pressure points when she sleeps.


Buddy Beds, a memory foam dog bed manufacturer, makes their liners to not only be waterproof and breathable, but also hypoallergenic, anti-static, anti-bacterial, and anti-dust mite. Buddy Bed liners prevent everything from fleas, to smells, to liquids from reaching the memory foam of the bed.



4. Washable Dog Bed Cover



Obviously if you are buying a memory foam dog bed made with a non-removable liner, the bed will also need to include a removable dog bed cover. The liner is not meant to be directly lied on by your dog. If your dog were to accidentally puncture the liner, the bed would be ruined. As a result, most companies include a washable cover with their dog beds. This cover is designed to encompass the liner and memory foam and prevent any damage to the liner. This cover also makes the dog bed easy to clean. In the event of an accident, or if you just need to clean your dog's bed, you can easily remove the dog bed cover and wash it. Some companies even make their dog bed covers to fit into standard home washing machines. Many companies even make their zipper pulls on the cover extra large so that the zippers are easy to operate.



5. Heater



An extra feature you may want to consider when shopping for a memory foam dog bed is a heater. Many dog beds are heater compatible. If you have a dog who is easily cold or is arthritic you may want to consider getting a heater compatible dog bed.