Why Memory Foam Dog Beds are the Best at Managing your Dog's Pain

Your research suggests that you might want to invest in a memory foam dog bed because it is an orthopedic dog bed.



Your dog suffers from chronic pain. You've been doing research, and your research suggests that you might want to invest in a memory foam dog bed. You want to know more though. Below are brief, but in depth, explanations as to what really makes memory foam the best substance for your dog's bed.



Memory Foam Dog Beds are best for dog's in pain
  1. What is memory foam?


    Memory foam is a type of polyurethane that is designed to react to body heat and body weight. Developed in the 1960's by NASA scientists, memory foam was created in attempts to make aircraft cushions safer. Memory foam's ability to absorb impact made it of particular interest in the aerospace industry. Eventually memory foam went down in price enough to be marketed to the public, mostly in the form of pillows and mattresses. Memory foam, because of its ability to react to body heat and weight, make it the ideal mattress substance for a dog bed.



    When your dog lies in a dog bed of memory foam, that foam undergoes a reaction. This reaction causes the foam to shape itself to the exact curves of your body. When this happens, the memory foam dog bed evenly redistributes your dog's weight across their entire body. I want you to imagine sleeping on the floor on your side. Your shoulder or hip would most likely get sore, right? After all they are the main points of contact between your body and the floor. As a result they bear most of your weight. Well, if you were to sleep in the same position on a memory foam mattress, you would find your shoulder and hip bearing no more weight than any other part of your body. This is because the memory foam shapes itself to your body based on your temperature and weight. Memory foam dog beds will also react this way for your dog as well.



  3. Health Benefits


    It goes without saying, but sleeping on a bed that prevents you from developing pressure points, those sore spots, will automatically reduce your pain levels. Sleeping on memory foam will also increase your blood flow, and hence keep you healthier. Why? Well, think about sleeping on the floor again. Your hip would get sore, right? Your hip would be sore because your hip would bear most of your weight. Bearing that extra weight will compress the blood vessels in your hip. As a result of this, your hip, and possibly your leg might fall asleep. While an occasional case of an asleep leg is no big deal, if your hips and legs fall asleep every night, you have a problem. Blood does two very important things. One it transports oxygen to all parts of your body, and two it transports nutrients to all parts of your body. If, every now and then, your legs don't get all the nutrients they need, nothing too serious will happen, but imagine if every night your legs didn't get all of the nutrients and oxygen they needed. Over time your legs would weaken and become more prone to illness and injury. This is a major problem for your health, or in the case of your dog, your dog's health. Memory foam dog beds are great at not only reducing your dog's pain levels, but keeping their body healthy because they promote good blood flow.



  5. Washing Memory Foam


    The last reason as to why memory foam is the right substance for you dog's dog bed is kind of strange. Memory foam is made by forcing inert gas bubbles in to polyurethane. These bubbles are why memory foam can react to your dog's body heat and weight. These bubbles are also the reason why memory foam cannot get wet. These bubbles are so small that if water gets into them, it doesn't come out easily. This is due to the surface tension properties of water. Now, memory foam is too delicate to machine dry, and you can't let it air dry. By the time the memory foam has air dried, mold will have grown in the bubbles. As a result of this, memory foam cannot get wet. Ironically, this Achilles heal of memory foam is why it is so great in dog beds. High quality memory foam dog bed manufactures design their beds with waterproof liners in order to protect the memory foam from liquids. These liners are factory sealed around the memory foam, and keep out not only liquid but also odor and dust as well. As a result of these liners, cleaning your dog's bed is as easy as changing your sheets. All you have to do is remove the dog bed's outer cover, toss it in the wash, and wait. Other dog beds, because they are not made with internal liners, are often a pain to clean. You have to put the entire thing in a washing machine in order to really rid it of dirt and odor. For more information about the ease of cleaning a memory foam dog bed visit www.BuddyBeds.com



    Memory Foam Dog Beds are best for dog's in pain