Mission and Philosophy of Our Company


Pets are family to Buddy Beds!

These are the Buddy Bed promises to you our customers!

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality, carefully and lovingly made, orthopedic pet bed made in the market. Our goal is treat each of our customers with courtesy, respect, understanding, and professionalism. To offer the best bed at the best price possible.


Our pets are family! Our Dog Buddys give us unconditional love and affection their entire lives. It breaks our hearts to watch them grow older or be in pain! Providing comfort and support to our Buddys to relieve their pain and suffering is a small contribution compared to the gifts that our beloved Dog Buddys have given us daily.

Buddy Beds strives to create memory foam orthopedic pet beds that are comfortable and functional for our Dog Buddys with design features that are useful to their owners.

We promise NEVER to cut corners. We will continue to search for the finest fabrics and the best quality memory foam. Our company is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains (Denver, CO) where we take pride in our products -- workmanship and quality are important to us.

Buddy Beds are not sold in retail stores. Why? Because selling in retail stores would add an additional layer of cost to our beds. Memory foam and waterproof/breathable fabrics are materials that are very costly (they are worth it! -- but costly). BuddyBeds desires to offer our beds at a price point that hopefully everyone who needs one - can afford one.

Giving Back

We at Buddy Beds are committed to issues of animal welfare. We pledge to donate a percentage of our profits to the Humane Society of Denver. Also known in the Denver area as The Dumb Friends League - speaking for animals who are unable to speak for themselves. This 96 year old organization served over 25,000 animals last year with love and respect. This amazing humane society was responsible for nearly 25,000 Buddys being adopted, placed, or safely returned to their owners. We want to support the remarkable work they do. To learn more. . .check out their web site: www.ddfl.org.

These are the Buddy Bed promises to you our customers!