What Your Dog Wants For the Holidays - An Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed!

Your dog wants a memory foam bed for the holidays.



It's that time of year again - the holidays. No one ever tells you what they want, especially not your four legged best friend, but don't let that stop you. Your dog wants a memory foam bed for the holidays. Why? Consider the following three reasons and you'll know why your dog wants a memory foam dog bed for Christmas.



Every Dog Wants A Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

1. Memory Foam is What Makes a Dog Bed Orthopedic


So what? Why should you care if memory foam what makes a dog bed an orthopedic dog bed? In fact, what does that even mean, orthopedic? Orthopedic dog beds are specifically designed to help alleviate problems in the skeletal system, muscular system, and ligament system. And how does an orthopedic dog bed do this? It does this by eliminating pressure points in its user. Let me explain. Pretend you were to sleep on the floor on your right side. No doubt some body part would bear most of the weight of your body, right? Maybe it would be your right shoulder, or arm, or hip, but no matter what, some part of your body would come into contact with the floor before the rest of your body did. As a result that body part would bear the most weight. What would eventually happen would be that that part of your body would start to fall asleep. It would develop a pressure point.


Now, imagine you are sleeping on an orthopedic bed. You are still sleeping on your right side, but this time you develop no pressure points. How? Orthopedic mattresses are specifically designed to distribute all of your weight evenly across every part of your body that is in contact with the mattress. As a result, even if you sleep on your right shoulder, not all of your weight will be supported by your right shoulder. The orthopedic bed will evenly distribute that weight. Pretty cool, right? And the only substance in the world that is orthopedic is memory foam.



Every Dog Wants A Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

2. Wait, Only Memory Foam Makes a Dog Bed an Orthopedic Dog Bed?


That's right. Originally designed for use in space, memory foam is the only known substance that is truly orthopedic. You see, memory foam is a special type of foam that is designed to react to both body heat and body weight. When your dog lies on a dog bed of memory foam, the memory foam will react to her body temperature and weight. The memory foam dog bed will actively shape itself around your dog, and cradle her body, eliminating pressure points. The catch is, while only memory foam dog bed is orthopedic, there are many"orthopedic" dog bed imposters on the market.


That's right, there are many dog bed manufactures that claim their dog beds are orthopedic dog beds. Why would they do this? Well, while the price of memory foam has dropped over the years, it can still be considered expensive, especially if it is used in a well-designed memory foam dog bed. Most dog bed manufactures do not want to pay to use real memory foam in their memory foam dog beds. These same dog bed manufactures; however, still want to tap into the orthopedic dog bed market, even though their dog beds are not orthopedic. As a result you will no doubt see many dog beds that have some sort of 'orthopedic like properties' or something to this effect. Do not be fooled. 'Orthopedic like properties' means nothing. The only dog beds that are truly orthopedic dog beds are the dog beds which are made of true memory foam. Wood chips, shredded memory foam, high-density memory fill, beads, water, and all other imposters are not orthopedic. Visit www.BuddyBeds.com for an excellent selection of top orthopedic memory foam dog beds and their true orthopedic value.



3. So What if a Dog Bed is Orthopedic Dog Bed?


A dog is a dog, right? They sleep on the hard ground in the wild, isn't a memory foam dog bed a little luxurious for such a creature? I beg to disagree. Just because a dog sleeps on the hard ground in the wild doesn't mean that they like it. After all, cavemen slept in caves, but that didn't mean that we shouldn't have invented the bed. Not only that, but dogs are prone to disease and injury just as humans are. In fact, canine arthritis is extremely common among dogs. A memory foam dog bed can help your dog fight this painful and debilitating disease. You see, because memory foam dog beds prevent the development of pressure points, your dog's blood can actively circulate throughout her entire body while she sleeps. When your dog sleeps on the floor, maybe her weight is compressing some of her arteries and veins, causing her heart to have to work harder to get blood and oxygen to all parts of her body. With pressure points eliminated, your dog's heart doesn't have to strain to get oxygen to all parts of her body. If your dog's body can easily and effectively circulate her bed, she is more likely to stay healthy and fight disease.


Every Dog Wants A Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed