Orthopedic Dog Beds and Younger Dogs

Does Your Younger Dog Need an Orthopedic Dog Bed?



You've heard the claims, orthopedic dog beds help promote healthy joints. Orthopedic dog beds help you dog wake up pain free. Orthopedic dog beds help curb the effects of arthritis. This sounds great, but what if your dog doesn't have joint issues, or arthritis, or what if your dog doesn't wake up feeling stiff and painful? In other words, what if your dog is young?



Younger Dogs Need Orthopedic Dog Beds Just because you have a young dog, doesn't mean you should put off getting them a supportive dog bed until they is older. Consider the following reasons as to why a young dog can benefit from an orthopedic dog bed.



  1. Your dog isn't the only one to benefit


    It may sound obvious, but your dog will sleep wherever they finds most comfortable. The most comfortable place in your house may not be where you want your dog to sleep. The most comfortable place may be your couch, or worse, your own bed. Getting your dog a dog bed, a dog bed that your dog wants to sleep in, is the first step in keeping your bed dog free. You may be thinking, "My dog has a bed and they don't use it. There is no way I am going to spend money to buy them a more expensive dog bed that they won't use." Think about what type of dog bed your dog has. Is that dog bed more comfortable than your couch? Probably not. Most traditional stuffed dog beds are little more than a large throw pillow. If your dog bed was a throw pillow you wouldn't want to sleep there either. If you dog has a comfortable dog bed, a dog bed that supports them, they will sleep there. Such dog beds do not come from discount stores. Orthopedic dog beds are well made, made to last beds, which while expensive, are designed to provide your dog a place that they will want to sleep.



  3. Their bed is their home


    Giving a dog their own space is an important part of owning a dog. Most dogs have a crate that they sleep in, or stay in while their families are gone for the day. Your dog's crate is a safe place. Their crate a place that they always allowed to go. Their crate is your dog's so called 'room'. Think about your own room. Would it be as appetizing of a place to rest in if it had no bed? While your dog's dog bed does not need to go into theircrate, the principle is the same. Your dog's dog bed is their property. It is their space; it is their safe spot. High strung or easily stressed dogs can benefit greatly from having a safe comfortable area to call their own. While crates can provide the necessary 'safe' feeling a worried dog needs, a crate cannot provide the physical comfort a worried dog needs. A dog bed that your dog enjoys sleeping on does provide that physical comfort. This can be very important when training a dog, especially if that dog has a rough past. Getting your dog a comfortable dog bed lets your dog know that you love them. It lets them know that they are safe.



  5. Health problems don't happen over night


    A dog does not wake up and find themselves with arthritis. A dog does not go to dog bed at a healthy weight and wake up obese. Health issues in dogs are gradual. To say that your dog does not need an orthopedic dog bed because she is young, does not take into account the entire picture. Orthopedic dog beds are a one of the best forms of preventive medicine in the dog world. Orthopedic dog beds are made of memory foam. Memory foam is the only known substance that is truly orthopedic. What this means is that memory foam dog beds eliminate all pressure points from its user. When your dog lies on a dog bed of memory foam no part of their body is pressed upon any more than any other part of their body. Memory foam dog beds are so effective at eliminating pressure points that hospitals use it in burn wards. If your dog sleeps upon a dog bed of memory foam their entire life, their joints will be healthier. They will get better circulation while they sleeps, and they will wake up feeling pain free. Pain free dogs want to play more. Dogs who play more tend to be active. Active dogs are not prone to obesity. Dogs who aren't obese suffer less health issues, and dogs with less health issues spend less time at the vet. Less time at the vet means more money for you, the owner. It is true that up front, memory foam dog beds are more expensive than traditional dog bed, but such an investment can pay off down the line. Not only will you save money on vet bills if your dog stays healthy, but Buddy Beds, one of the market's top memory foam dog bed manufactures, estimates that just one of their dog beds will outlast ten traditional dog beds.



    Consider these three points when looking into an orthopedic bed for younger dogs.



Younger Dogs Need Orthopedic Dog Beds