How to Fit and Load Your Dog's Pack

We love our dogs! And we love to hike and camp with our dogs!

Does your dog wear a pack when hiking? Do you know how to properly fit and load the pack? Here are a couple suggestions so your dog is always comfortable.

Adjust the harness on your dog so it's snug but won't chafe (remove saddlebags first, if the pack allows).

You should be ale to fit two fingers under it. Load the bags with dog food, treats, water (some packs come with hydration bladders), bowls, and extra gear for you --this is the time for beer or another pillow!

Make sure both sides are weighted equally; total load shouldn't exceed one-third of your dog's body weight.

Happy Hiking with your best Buddy! Enjoy the outdoors. . .who said your dog doesn't pull his own weight?

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Source: Backpacker Magazine