Why Memory Foam Dog Beds Take the Pain Away

You've read that memory foam dog beds are the best kind of beds for a dog with chronic pain, but why?



Consider the following four explanations as to what makes a memory foam dog bed the best dog bed for dogs with chronic pain.



Memory Foam Dog Beds Take Away Your Dog's Pain

1. What is A Memory Foam Dog Bed?



Let's start with the basics. What exactly is memory foam? How is it different from any other dog bed filler? Well memory foam is a special type of foam that is designed to react to your dog's body heat and body weight. So, when your dog lies on a bed of memory foam, the foam actually shapes itself to the exact curves of your dog. What this does is evenly distribute her weight across her entire body, as opposed to only a few parts of her body. Let me explain further. Imagine you were to sleep on the floor. When you woke up, what would be sore? For me it would be my hip. I sleep on my side, and when I sleep on the ground, my hip is most often sore because it is the part of my body that bears most of my weight. Now, if I were to sleep in a memory foam bed, my hip would not be sore, even if I slept on my side. Why? Because the memory foam would cradle my hip as well as the rest of my body, allowing my toes my arms, my back, and my hip to all bear equal amounts of weight. This is what happens when your dog sleeps in a memory foam dog bed.



2. Pressure Points



Now, because memory foam dog beds eliminate sore spots, or pressure points, your dog can wake up relatively pain free. What I mean is her pain is only going to go down after sleeping in a memory foam dog bed. No matter how she sleeps, she will not develop pressure points. This cannot be said for any other type of dog bed on the market. Even orthopedic dog beds, if they are not made of memory foam, cannot prevent your dog from developing pressure points 100% of the time.



3. Memory Foam Dog Beds with Supportive Backing Foam



When shopping for a memory foam dog bed, it is important that you buy a dog bed that is made out of not only memory foam, but supportive backing foam as well. You see, while memory foam will prevent the development of pressure points, it will only do so if beneath the memory foam there is a layer of supportive backing foam. Let's say you were to get rid of your box spring and put your bed on the floor. You know what would happen? You would sink into your mattress so far that you would come into contact with the floor below. Once you do this, you are prone to developing pressure points. The same can be said about memory foam dog beds. Memory foam dog beds with supportive backing foam is the box spring for your dog's memory foam dog bed. Without that supportive backing foam, your dog will sink into the mattress so far that she will compress the memory foam to the floor below and begin to develop pressure points. Obviously you don't want to spend the money on a memory foam dog bed and find out that your dog will still develop pressure points in it. That would defeat the purpose of the memory foam dog bed all together. Keep in mind that gluing supportive backing foam to the memory foam of a dog bed is an expensive step. Most companies skip this step, but you need supportive backing foam. Visit www.buddybeds.com for examples of high quality memory foam dog beds made with supportive backing foam.



4. Memory Foam Dog Beds - Protective Liners



Another great part about memory foam dog beds is that memory foam cannot be washed. What?! Why would anyone make a dog bed out of something that cannot be washed? Well, because memory foam dog beds cannot be washed, memory foam dog bed manufactures have had to develop waterproof liners which they factory seal around the memory foam (and supportive backing foam) of their dog beds. These liners prevent everything from odors to liquids from seeping into the memory foam of your dog's bed. This is great for dogs who suffer from incontinence. While your incontinent dog may not be in chronic pain because of this ailment, your incontinent dog still will benefit from a dog bed. It can be hard to find a dog bed that is designed to withstand 'accidents' but memory foam dog beds are. If your dog were to suffer an accident while sleeping (which is where most incontinent accidents occur) all you have to do is remove the outer cover of the dog bed, toss it in the washing machine and wipe down the liner. If you have a spare cover you can put that cover on the dog bed while the other cover cleans. Memory foam dog beds are great for quick clean up, and your dog can still use the bed if you have a second cover to replace the first with.



Memory Foam Dog Beds Take Away Your Dog's Pain