Guide to Buying the Perfect Orthopedic Dog Bed

A Guide to Buying a Dog's Memory Foam Dog Bed



Everyone needs a comfortable place to sleep and your pet is no exception. After hard day at work, or a hard day chasing balls and guarding the house, a comfortable place to sleep is very important. You dog deserves the best because that is what he is giving you, his unconditional love which is the best anyone can give.



All Dogs Need Memory Foam Dog Beds Choosing a dog bed is a confusing thing to do, but not if you understand all the types of beds on the market today. You want the best for your pet, and there are some fantastic beds, and some not so fantastic. The best kind of bed, above all others is the orthopedic memory foam bed. Now I know what you are thinking, an orthopedic bed? But my dog is only 3 months old. A memory foam bed, by its design is orthopedic. The memory foam bed is by far the most comfortable dog bed available. Memory foam, which was invented in the 1970's for NASA, molds itself to the contours of the body, providing wonderful even support.



It's important to realize that all memory foam is not the same. Some manufacturers cut corners on quality, some inject harmful chemicals into the foam and some just use sub-standard materials. Of course you want the best for your pet, so make sure to check out the company, the materials and anything else you can about the bed.



Just like people, all dogs are not the same and have different needs. Let's look at a few types of dogs and figure out what is the best bed for them.



  1. Active Dogs: It is such a pleasure to watch an active dog in the park. Whether they are catching the frisbee, chasing a squirrel or just running with its human, you can see the excitement in the eyes and the wagging of the tail. Well, just like humans, dogs get tired, have achy joints and just need a comfortable place to crash and get ready for the on next day. The memory foam dog bed is just that place. If you have ever lain on a memory foam bed, you know how comfortable they are. The foam gently supports your body in cushy comfort. Your canine friend deserves that same level of comfort, don't you think?


  3. Older Dogs: It is sad at times as we watch our faithful companion age. He still gets the ball but brings it back a little slower. He might just give up chasing that squirrel because it's just too much effort. He is having a little trouble getting comfortable at the foot of your bed because the joints are a little stiff. What he really needs is a great, comfortable place to sleep. The memory foam beds are by design orthopedic. As dogs age, they can develop arthritis and other joint ailments. When they try to sleep on a hard surface, or even a cheap bed, pressure is put on those joints causing discomfort and pain. The memory foam, as it conforms to the body, spreads the pressure out evenly, relieving some of the pain and allowing your pet to sleep comfortably. has the best bed on the market, so be sure to check them out.


  5. Handicapped Dogs: As much we would like to, sometimes we just can't prevent bad things from happening to our beloved companion. They get injured. What we can do after the injury, is to make them as comfortable as we possibly can. If they used to get on your bed to sleep, we need to provide a place that is comfortable and easily accessible. Some people might build ramps or steps for the dog to get into bed, but the best solution is to get them a bed that can simply be stepped onto. This will be the safest way to go. Additionally, that bed must be comfortable and provide as much support as possible for whatever was injured. If the injury is permanent, it's even more crucial to make sure they can rest comfortably.


  7. Special Needs Dogs: Unfortunately, dogs get sick just like people do. Sometimes it's from neglect, sometimes it's genetic and sometimes it just happens. Whatever the cause, you can make your pet as comfortable as possible during the recovery process by providing them with a great place to sleep. If the problem is a lifelong sickness it's even more important to provide a place of comfort for them. We love our pets and should always strive to do the best we can to make their lives as comfortable as possible.


Every Dog Loves Memory Foam Dog Beds Owning a pet is one of life's true blessings. They are loving and committed to us, even sometimes when we don't deserve it. That is why dogs are called man's best friend. They are always there for you, loving you without judgment and unconditionally. When you come home from work, they meet you at the door wagging their tails and anxious to be with you. What they expect from us, is the best we can give them, in terms of care, exercise and love. They deserve a great place to relax and sleep in comfort. You can easily provide that by getting an orthopedic memory foam bed. And get the best you can, not some cheap imitation. Check out the wonderful beds at Buddy Beds. They are truly a place where your best friend and companion can sleep.