The Perfect Memory Foam Dog Bed - 6 Tips

You want to get your furry best friend the perfect dog bed.



After some research, you aren't quite sure what kind of bed that would be. After all, there are beds made from wood, gel, water, foam, memory foam, high-density foam, cotton stuffing and more. How are you to know what is best for your dog? Consider the following 6 tips on what makes up the perfect dog bed - a memory foam dog bed -- and why.



The Perfect Dog Bed - an Orthopedic Dog Bed

1. What Do You Want Your Memory Foam Dog Bed To Do?


The first question you need to be asking yourself is, what do you want your dog's bed to do? I know what I want my dog's bed to do, but what do you want? Do you want the bed to withstand severe abuse? To be easy to clean? To be comfortable? To keep your dog warm? Because no bed can do everything. You need to figure out the top thing your dog's bed needs to do, then shop from there. For me personally, I want my dog's bed to help keep him healthy.


2. Memory Foam Dog Beds Keeping Dogs Healthy?


What does that even mean? How can a bed help keep a dog healthy? Well, have you ever heard of an orthopedic dog bed? The word orthopedic literally means a dog bed that helps with muscular, skeletal, and ligament issues. Now, I know what you're thinking, don't all beds help with muscular, skeletal, and ligament issues? I mean isn't any dog bed going to help these problems more than no dog bed at all? You're right. Obviously any dog bed you get your dog will be an improvement over the floor. There are dog beds; however, which will be an improvement over all other dog beds in terms of orthopedics, and those beds are memory foam dog beds.



3. I've Heard of Memory Foam Dog Beds but. . . .


I know, you've heard of memory foam, but you aren't really sure what memory foam is. Without getting too detailed, memory foam is a special type of foam that is designed to react to your dog's body heat and body weight. So, when your dog lies on a memory foam dog bed, that memory foam actually shapes itself to the exact curves of your dog's body. Pretty cool right? Well it should be. NASA scientists invented memory foam in the 1960's to help astronauts sleep while in space. You see, when memory foam dog bed shapes itself to the exact curves of your dog's body something very important happens. Your dog's body weight is redistributed evenly across her body.



4. What Does That Even Mean?


Let me highlight why an even distribution of your dog's body weight is so important. I want you to pretend you are sleeping on your floor. Now maybe you sleep on your side. Think about what part of your body comes into contact with the floor first. Is it your hip or maybe your shoulder? If your hip sticks farthest out from your body, when you sleep on the floor it will be the body part which bears most of your weight because it is the part that is in contact with the floor first, so to say. Now, if you were to sleep on a memory foam mattress, your hip would not bear any more weight than any other part of your body. What this means is that your weight would be evenly spread from your toes to your head, so that when you wake up your hip will be not be sore. This is what memory foam dog beds do, it prevents pressure points from forming, allowing your dog to wake up in the morning happy, healthy, and pain free.



5. The Most Important Feature of a Memory Foam Dog Bed


No, for me, the most important thing in any dog bed is that it helps keep my dog healthy. Memory foam dog beds allow my dog to wake up day after day with little to no pain. A dog with no pain is a dog who wants to get outside and walk and play. An active do is a healthy dog, and healthy dogs live longer.



6. Specialized Dog Beds - Orthopedic Dog Beds


While memory foam dog beds help take away your dog's pain, some dogs need a little more than that. As dogs age, their skin and fur becomes thinner, causing them to not retain heat as well as they did when they were young. Getting your senior dog a dog bed with a heater might be the best course of action for your dog. Many memory foam dog bed companies make their dog beds to be heater compatible. Perhaps your dog suffers from incontinence, and you need a dog bed which is easy to clean and will not be ruined by an accidental accident. Memory foam dog beds are great for this because Buddy Beds memory foam dog beds are built with an internal liner that makes clean up a breeze. Or perhaps your dog has sensitive skin and she needs a hypoallergenic dog bed. Some memory foam dog beds are even built to be hypoallergenic. Visit for examples of all of the above mentioned 'specialized' orthopedic memory foam dog beds and more.



The Perfect Dog Bed - an Orthopedic Dog Bed