5 Ways to Help a Post Surgical Dog

Five Reasons Memory Foam Dog Beds Help Post Surgical Dogs



Recovering from surgery is difficult, no matter what species you are. It is especially difficult if you sleep on the floor, or if you sleep on a non orthopedic bed. If your dog has just had surgery, or is scheduled to have surgery, consider getting him a memory foam dog bed to aid in his recovery. Why you ask? Just keep reading.



5 Ways to Help Your Dog Recover from Surgery

1. Just having a bed will help


Dogs are like people; they would rather sleep on a bed than on the ground. Yes, I know, wild dogs sleep on the ground, and yes, your dog is capable of sleeping on the ground, but humans are able to sleep on the ground as well. We don't though, especially after surgery. Your dog is no different. A post surgical dog is in pain. Sleeping on the floor makes that pain worse. Sleeping on a bed helps that pain go away.



2. Not all beds are the same


Ordinary 'stuffed' dog beds and memory foam dog beds are very different. A bed made of memory foam is an excellent choice for a post surgical dog because memory foam is orthopedic. What does that mean? An orthopedic bed is a bed that eliminates all pressure points. That's right. If your dog sleeps in an orthopedic bed, no part of your dog will be pressed upon any more than any other part of your dog. If your dog just had his dewclaws removed; his feet are sore. You don't want your dog's feet to develop pressure points, which they will if they are in contact with any thing other than memory foam. Memory foam works because it reacts to body heat and body weight. When your dog's feet come into contact with memory foam, the foam shapes itself around his feet, cradling them without pushing on them. Memory foam does such a good job of eliminating pressure points that they use it in burn units in hospitals. It works for humans; it works for dogs.



3. With the elimination of pressure points…


If you eliminate all pressure points, your dog's pain level will be greatly reduced. With less of your dog's energy going to finding a pain free way to sleep, more of your dog's energy can be used to heal his body. He will sleep better, allowing his body more time to recover. Not only that but with pain free naps and nights, your dog will feel better all around. He will be happy, which also aids the healing process. Orthopedic beds also help with circulation. Without pressure on your dog's joints, veins and arteries, your dog's blood can better circulate. Better circulation means faster healing.



5 Ways to Help Your Dog Recover from Surgery

4. Encouragement to exercise


One of the last things anyone who has just had surgery wants to do is get up and move. This sedentary feeling is only re-enforced by the pain your dog feels as he heals. An orthopedic bed helps encourage your dog to get up and move because it does such a good job at reducing pain. If your dog has better circulation, and therefore less pain, in his joints while he is lying down, this will encourage him to get up and walk. Suddenly standing, walking, trotting, and even running are not too lofty of goals. With mild exercise your dog's circulation is greatly increased, once again, aiding in the healing process.



5. Waterproof liners are important


Surgical recovery can be messy. It is not uncommon for post surgical dogs to urinate or to bleed while they are recovering in their beds. If you buy your dog a memory foam bed keep in mind, memory foam cannot be washed. Therefore it is important to select a memory foam bed that has a protective liner. A protective liner will protect the bed's memory foam from odors, liquids, bugs, and dirt. In fact there are certain memory foam dog bed manufactures that make antibacterial protective liners. Buddy Beds, a high quality memory foam dog bed manufacturer, is one such company. Not only are Buddy Beds memory foam dog bed liners waterproof, bug proof, and hypoallergenic, they are also breathable. Having a hypoallergenic liner in your post surgical dog's bed reduces the likelihood of your dog getting an infection because of his bed. Not only that, but the breathable nature of Buddy Beds liners allows air to reach the memory foam of Buddy Beds beds. Without airflow memory foam loses its loft and therefore its orthopedic properties.


By purchasing your post surgical dog a memory foam dog bed you will help him fully recover faster than you imagined possible. A pain free dog is a healthy dog, and a healthy dog is a happy dog. Keep these five points in mind when considering a memory foam dog bed.



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