How to Reduce Your Dog's Pain

What can you do to make their golden years better?



Your dog is aging, and you can see its affects. Your dog doesn't walk like she used to, she doesn't see as well as she did, nor does she hear as well. What can you do to make her golden years better? There are many things that might help your dog improve her quality of life. The first thing you should do is talk to your vet. Besides talking to your vet, consider the following three points.



Keep Exercising your Dog


The first thing you should do is keep taking your dog outside and keep playing with her. Just because your dog is not as active as she once was does not mean she won't benefit from some outside playtime. Senior dogs need exercise, and in some cases they need exercise more than they did as an adult. We all know that when we age, our metabolisms slow down. The same is true for your dog. As your dog's metabolism slows down, she will start to put on extra weight, unless you actively combat that weight gain. The first step in doing that is to get her outside and moving. Maybe she doesn't go on runs with you anymore, but that's okay. Tailor your dog's playtime to fit her needs. Don't over do it, you can hurt her, but don't under do it by doing nothing.


Get her Proper Food


Another way to keep your dog healthy, and hence happier, is to feed her correctly. Now, this is not an article on what kind of food to get your dog, but consider these ideas.


  • Not all dogs react to all foods the same. For example, some dogs are intolerant to gluten. Gluten intolerances will show in different ways for different dogs, but some of the more common ways for a gluten intolerance to show is by ear infections, paw licking, constant itching, or your dog rubbing their rear on the floor. If your dog demonstrates any of these signs, she may not tolerate whatever form of gluten is in her food (or any form of gluten for that matter). As a result, you should not buy your dog food with gluten in it.

  • By-products aren't always bad, but by-products and by-product meals are different. By-products are essentially the intestines and organs of an animal. In the wild, wolves will most often open an animal and eat the organs (the by-products) first. By-product meal is a combination of things like intestines, necks, undeveloped eggs etc. Just because humans don't eat by-products does not mean your dog shouldn't eat them.

  • Diet food is not always the best answer to your dog's weight problem. Often diet food is worse for your dog than the food your dog was eating. Diet food cuts down on calories by eliminating good calories like complex carbohydrates and proteins. What are left are empty calories that have no nutritional value. If you want your dog to lose weight and stay healthy, don't feed her diet food. Feed her less of her current food.

    Get Your Dog a Memory Foam Dog Bed


    Another way to improve the quality of life of your senior dog is to get her a high quality dog bed. When I say high quality, I mean a memory foam dog bed. Memory foam dog beds are the number one vet recommended bed for dogs with chronic pain. Such dogs are often senior dogs.


    Memory foam is great for dogs in pain because it is the only dog bed fill substance on the market which can prevent your dog from developing pressure points 100% of the time. What I mean is this, when your dog lies in a memory foam dog bed, the dog bed will evenly distribute her weight across her entire body. Once this happens there is no way for any part of her body to get sore because it is bearing most of her weight. As a result, memory foam dog beds are great a reducing the amount of pain a dog feels on a regular basis.


    As I said, Memory foam is the only type of dog bed which can prevent pressure points from forming 100% of the time. Because of this, memory foam is the most orthopedic dog bed on the market. Sure, other types of dog beds might be advertised as orthopedic, but there are high quality and low quality orthopedic dog beds. Memory foam beds dog are extremely high quality orthopedic dog beds, and comparatively, all other dog beds are low quality orthopedic dog beds.


    Another great thing about memory foam beds are how easy there are to clean. Memory foam dog beds are made with an internal waterproof liner which prevents the memory foam of the bed from soaking up everything from odors to accidents. Memory foam dog beds are particularly great for dogs suffering from incontinence because their easy clean up allows you to clean the dog bed in a matter of minutes as opposed to washing the entire dog bed. For more information about the benefits of memory foam dog beds, visit