Selecting the most hygienic dog bed for your Senior Dog

It is important to keep their dog bed as clean as possible.



As your dog ages, things like pollen and dirt, things that used to have no affect on them, can now make them sick. Senior dogs also aren’t able to clean themselves as well as they once could. Getting your senior dog a dog bed that is easy to keep clean is a top priority to the well being and health of your dog. Consider the following six tips on selecting the best, most hygienic bed, for your senior dog.



all senior dogs need an orthopedic memory foam dog bed

1. What happens to your senior dog as they age?


As dog’s age, their skin and coat tends to become thinner. Not only that, but dogs can develop lumps and bumps on their skin, just like humans. With more fragile skin, it is easy for your dog’s skin to become agitated. Not only that, but your dog’s immune system, just like her body, isn’t what it once was, and small things like a dirty bed can irritate her and make her sick now. Her bed is the one place where her skin and immune system shouldn’t be irritated, which is why it is so important to get your senior dog a dog bed that is easy to clean.



2. Traditional dog beds


Most dog bed owners state that they have to throw their dog’s bed away not because the dog bed was no longer functional, but because it smelled so bad they couldn’t stand to have it in the house any longer. If your dog’s bed is soaking up smell, you can bet it is also soaking up allergens and other irritants. It is important you select a dog bed that is easy to clean. Many dog beds cannot be washed. When selecting a dog bed, consider if it can be washed, or easily cleaned.



3. Memory foam dog beds that are Orthopedic Dog Beds


Memory foam dog beds are great for senior dogs. Memory foam dog beds are the only type of dog bed that is truly an orthopedic dog bed. What does that mean? An orthopedic dog bed eliminates all pressure points from your dog. That’s right, when your dog lies on a memory foam dog bed, no part of her body is pressed upon any more than any other part, making such beds great for arthritic dogs and dogs with sensitive skin. It is important to remember though that memory foam cannot be washed. Great, you’re no doubt thinking, the perfect dog bed for my dog is not so perfect after all. Not true. Many memory foam dog bed manufactures design their orthopedic memory foam dog beds to be easy to clean.



all senior dogs need an orthopedic memory foam dog bed

4. The dog bed protective waterproof liner


High quality memory foam dog bed manufactures will make their beds with a protective dog bed liner. This dog bed liner is sealed around the memory foam of the dog bed. The protective liner prevents dirt, smells, liquids, bugs and other allergens from settling in the memory foam of the orthopedic dog bed. This means that the memory foam of your dog’s bed never needs to be washed, because it is never exposed to anything that can make it dirty. Buddy Beds Memory Foam Dog Beds, one of the highest quality memory foam dog bed manufactures on the market today, designs their protective liners to not only be waterproof but breathable too, and no that isn’t an oxymoron. Technology today allows for a waterproof and breathable protective dog bed liner. Such protective dog bed liners are great for memory foam beds because memory foam needs airflow to maintain its loft. Without loft, memory foam loses its ability to react to your dog’s body heat and weight, essentially making the memory foam dog bed no longer an orthopedic dog bed.



5. The dog bed cover


So your dog’s bed has a protective dog bed liner, but what about a cover? Your dog doesn’t want to lie directly on a dog bed liner, and the dog bed liners aren’t designed to come into contact with your dog. Most manufactures who make their memory foam dog beds with a protective liner also design their beds to accommodate a removable, washable cover. Such dog bed covers allow your dog to shed and bring dirt onto her bed, and they allow you easy clean up. You can take off the protective dog bed liner; throw it in the wash (many companies design their liners to fit in a home washing machine) wipe down the protective dog bed liner and bam! Your dog’s bed is clean.



6. What dog bed is right for you?


Memory foam dog beds are expensive. Despite the advancements in technology, they can still be over three times as much money as a traditional, ‘stuffed’ dog bed. You may not want to spend the money to buy a memory foam dog bed, but consider how often you have to replace your senior dog’s bed. Is the dog bed easy to clean, or is it slowly amassing dirt and allergens and will soon need to be replaced? When looking for the best senior dog bed, consider a memory foam dog bed to be a long-term investment. If you take care of it, it will outlast many traditional dog beds, and it will be more comfortable and hygienic for your senior dog.



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all senior dogs need an orthopedic memory foam dog bed