Keeping Your Senior Dog Healthy without Medication

Your dog is getting older. This is a process that you can't reverse, but you can make less painful.



While medical and surgical interventions may greatly improve your dog's quality of life, keep in mind that these are not the only way to help your dog reduce her pain. Consider the following three tips on things you can do to improve your senior dog's life without medical intervention.



Senior Dogs Need a Memory foam Dog Bed

1. Talk To Your Vet



The first and most important step in helping your dog with her age related issues is to find out what her issues are. Talk to your vet about what exactly is ailing your dog. Learn as much as you can about arthritis, cataracts, deafness, or whatever is affecting her. The more you know, the better you can help your dog.



2. Feed Your Dog Properly



One of the biggest problems that senior dogs face is extra weight. You may be thinking, no her arthritis, or diabetes affects her more than a few extra pounds, but that isn't necessarily the case. Extra weight on a senior dog will exacerbate any current issues she has, and extra weight can even induce other problems with your dog's health. Now, when I say extra weight, depending on the size of your dog, I could maybe only talking about a couple of pounds. If your dog only should weigh ten pounds, and instead she weighs fifteen, those extra five pounds are a HUGE problem. That's fifty percent of her weight! Imagine if you were to increase your own weight by fifty percent. That would be a major issue. Extra weight puts increased pressure on your dog's heart, lungs, bones, joints, and it can lead to not only more problems with her heart, lungs, and bones, but also to things like diabetes. If your dog is over weight, her arthritis will be worse than if she were at a healthy weight. More pressure on those already painful joints will only increase her pain.


While there are many ways to reduce your senior dog's weight, one of the first things you should do is make sure you are feeding her the proper food. Once again, talk to your vet about the best type of food for your dog, but consider this. Diet food is not always the best food for an overweight senior dog. As dog's age they need to eat a higher grade of protein. They loose their ability to break down and use low-grade proteins. If you feed your dog low quality protein (which can be diet food) not only are you giving her subpar nutrition, but that low quality protein is also most likely causing her to gain weight. While your vet can recommend what type of food is best for your dog, keep in mind that in most cases concerning dog food, you get what you pay for. Cheap food is most often made of low quality protein and more expensive food is made of higher quality protein.



3. Invest in a Quality Memory Foam Dog Bed



Another way to help your furry friend age with less pain is to get her a worthwhile memory foam dog bed. I am not talking about the dog bed that is on sale at the discount store. I mean a nice dog bed, a memory foam dog bed. If you want to reduce the amount of pain that your dog feels, you need to get her a dog bed that is designed specifically to prevent your dog from developing pressure points while she sleeps. You need a memory foam dog bed.


Memory foam was designed by NASA scientists in the 1960's to help astronauts sleep in space. Memory foam is a special type of foam that will react to your dog's body heat and weight when she sleeps on it. The memory foam will actually shape itself to your dog's body and evenly distribute her weight from her head to her tail. With this even distribution of weight, your dog cannot develop any pressure points while sleeping.


Less pressure points mean two very important things to a senior dog. The first is that when she wakes her pain levels will be drastically lower than had she woken up from sleeping on the floor or even a cheap dog bed. The second important thing is that pressure points prevent your dog's blood from reaching all parts of her body. What this means is that her blood cannot bring nutrients and oxygen to everywhere that needs it. If your dog's body is not getting all of the nutrients it needs, it cannot stay healthy. You know how you feel when you don't eat for a while, or how you feel after holding your breath for a long time. You don't feel good. The same can be said about your dog's body if it isn't getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs. In order to keep your dog's body most healthy her blood needs to be able to flow freely, which it cannot with pressure points. Memory foam dog beds prevents pressure points from forming, keeping your senior dog healthier for longer. Visit for an in depth look at memory foam dog beds.



Senior Dogs Need a Memory foam Dog Bed