Orthopedic Dog Beds for Senior Dogs

Help your dog as she ages by buying her an orthopedic dog bed



Your dog is getting up there in years. She doesn't move as well, or play as much, but that doesn't matter - she's your best friend, and she deserves the best. It's hard watching her age, but there are things you can do to make it better. One of the easiest things you can do to help your dog as she ages is buy her an orthopedic dog bed. An orthopedic dog bed? Aren't those just an expensive gimmick? Consider the following four reasons as to why your senior dog would truly benefit from an orthopedic dog bed.


Senior Dogs Need an Orthopedic Dog Bed
  1. What is orthopedic?

    What does orthopedic actually mean? An orthopedic dog bed will prevent your dog from developing pressure points when she sleeps. What this means is that no part of your dog will be pressed upon any more than any other part when she sleeps. So, imagine yourself sleeping on the floor. You're on your right side and soon your right arm and hip begin to tingle. The blood flow that reaches your right side is being compressed and it can't reach your arm and hip. So you roll over, but the same thing happens to your left side. You are developing pressure points. This doesn't happen when your dog sleeps on a memory foam dog bed. Even if she sleeps will all of her weight on her right front leg, her right front leg will not tingle, it will not fall asleep, it will not be in pain. Orthopedic dog beds are so effective at eliminating pressure points that hospitals use them in their burn units.


  3. What does that mean for my dog?

    Dogs are like people. As they age, their bodies begin to degrade. Maybe they get arthritis, or their heart doesn't work as well. Maybe their skin gets thinner, or they go deaf. This is natural, but sleeping in an orthopedic bed can help ease the pain of some of these issues, particularly the aging problems that affect your dog's bones and joints. If your dog is prone to joint issues and arthritis, orthopedic beds are great for that. Because orthopedic beds do not constrict blood flow, your dog's bones and joints will receive full circulation when she sleeps. If your dog normally sleeps on her left side, that left side will still get a full amount of circulation. Full circulation promotes healthy bones and joints. Not only that, but orthopedic dog beds help your dog's heart. If your dog's heart has to work doubly hard when she sleeps to get blood to all parts of her body, including those parts that are constricted, her body is not resting. Orthopedic dog beds allow the heart to continue to pump normally and not over exert itself. Orthopedic dog beds also reduce your dog's pain level. If your dog has a bad leg, or some other injury, orthopedic dog beds will help your dog sleep better. They will help her rest better, and they will help her recover faster.


  5. What are orthopedic beds made of?

    Orthopedic dog beds are made from memory foam, and only memory foam. Memory foam is expensive and many manufactures do not want to use it in their products because of its price. Those same manufactures will, however, still try and pass their products off as orthopedic, or as having 'orthopedic like properties' even though their beds are not made of memory foam. Do not be fooled by clever advertising. Know that the only dog beds, which are truly orthopedic, are those that are made of intact memory foam. Do not be fooled by imitation dog bed fillers. None of the following commonly used dog bed fillers are orthopedic, and hence will NOT prevent your dog from developing pressure points when she sleeps.


    • Shredded memory foam
    • High memory fiber fill
    • Egg crate foam
    • Convoluted foam
    • Medical grade hospital foam
    • "High density' foam"
    • Foam chips
    • Recycled fiber
    • Batting
    • Cedar
    • Polyester fiber


  7. Age related 'accidents'

    One thing that is great about orthopedic dog beds is that most of the high quality orthopedic dog beds are made with an internal liner. This liner protects the memory foam of the bed from pretty much everything. Most dog bed owners report that they have to discard their dog's bed not because it was worn out, but because it smelled so bad they couldn't stand to have it in the house any longer. Well, memory foam cannot be washed, but the liners that most orthopedic dog beds are made with make dog bed clean up a cinch. High quality orthopedic dog bed liners are built to protect the bed from liquids, like accidental urination, dirt, bugs, smells and allergens. This makes cleaning an orthopedic dog bed very easy. You, as the dog owner can wash the outer cover of your dog's bed, wipe off the liner, and have the bed back in working order as soon as your washing machine is finished. Check out BuddyBeds.com for a good example an orthopedic dog bed liner.


    Senior Dogs Need an Orthopedic Dog Bed